BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The new ban on Confederate flags and swastikas at Carroll County Schools went into effect Thursday. The district’s new dress code bans the items from all schools and school-sponsored events.

The policy was first introduced at a board meeting in January.

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Meeting documents cite the need for students to refrain “from the display of symbols that are reasonably perceived as promoting intolerance, hatred or a hostile educational environment including, but not limited to, confederate battle flags and swastikas on school property or at school-sponsored events.”

The documents also say students have the right to “express oneself, including the expression of one’s religious and personal beliefs, free from intimidation and hostility.”

Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie says it’s time to keep these symbols out of classrooms.

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  1. That is like saying you can not wear anything from any background, religion, we are to stop hatered but it sounds like there is going to be more hatered. Specially banning one thing and not others thing. I am far fromnot liking another, but you would start a fight over something from our past. I do underatand why you did it, but you should did away with anything on a shirtto keep the peace.

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