BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Crime doesn’t pay, especially if the officer chasing you is an avid runner. A suspected car thief found that out the hard way this past Wednesday, when he was chased down by Baltimore PD Officer Gregory Parker.

Parker first spotted the suspect “as a guy selling stuff out of the trunk of his car.” He added, “We thought it was a little suspicious.”

While driving to another call, officers ran the plate of the suspicious Dodge Challenger, and the car came back stolen.

It was also gone when the officers returned, but Parker later spotted it again on I-95.

“The car came back stolen. I called for our aviation unit, it’s called Foxtrot, because it’s a lot safer for a helicopter to pursue the car than have ground units pursue the car,” he said.

Driver Captured After Police Pursuit Ends Near Downtown Baltimore

Foxtrot was dispatched, relaying information to Parker, who can be seen hanging back as the stolen Dodge Challenger speeds into Baltimore.

Chopper 13 followed as the car tried to squeeze between two other cars at a stop light.

It didn’t work, and the suspect bailed and the foot chase was on.

“He did have a good lead ahead of me. I don’t know if I surprised him. Just had to be done, he had to be caught. I was actually surprised at how fast I was running when I looked at the video from the outside,” Parker said.

26-year-old Dominique Edward was outrun by Parker, who runs six miles every other day and takes his job seriously.

“If you don’t do the job 100 percent, don’t do the job at all,” Parker added.

Edward was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, theft, and several traffic violations.

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