BALTIMORE (WJZ) — City detectives and officers assembled Monday to pass out fliers in the area where 52-year-old Jacquelyn Smith Saturday night in Baltimore,

Members of the Baltimore Police department, including interim commissioner Gary Tuggle, gathered at the intersection of East Chase Street and Valley Street at 1:15 p.m. to canvas the area.

Woman With A Heart Of Gold’: Good Samaritan Stabbed To Death In Baltimore

Smith’s husband is now speaking out about what happened and warning other drivers.

The last night of Jacquelyn Smith’s life, she and her husband, Keith, danced to their wedding song at a party.

“She was just everything to me. My everything. We called each other soulmates,” he said.

Hours later, the 52-year-old was murdered in east Baltimore near Latrobe Homes.

Police believe she was giving cash to a woman asking for money to feed her baby, when a man approached the car window, pulled out a knife, stabbed her in the chest, and robbed her.

“Snatched her necklace, and before I knew it, the girl snatched the little pocketbook from the seat and they both ran,” Keith added. “I jumped out the car to run, but I heard my wife screaming, so I came back to the car.”

Monday afternoon, police recruits, paired up with detectives, pored over back alleyways and empty lots looking for clues.

“We’re gonna leave no stone unturned when it comes to this case,” Tuggle said.

Tuggle said this crime was likely premeditated and the pair was working together.

“They’re using this ruse as panhandlers to get the attention of their would-be victim, and we also want to caution the public about engaging with panhandlers,” Tuggle added.

Keith Smith, while hoping for their arrest, is now left grieving the loss of his beloved wife.

“For anybody that’s in Baltimore, be careful when we see these panhandlers out here,” Smith said. “Get in close proximity to your car. Because like me, I’m from Baltimore, the last thing I thought that they were gonna take my wife’s life. And so now I gotta live with that. I gotta live with that every day.”

Metro Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.

The man police are looking for is possibly in his 30s and has a goatee. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

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  1. Take notice how the mayor is laying low and saying nothing about the daily amount of overwhelming violent crimes and shootings and murders in her city, FYI mayor he body count is really piling up!! Just so you know ignoring it won’t make it go away!! She is more worried about giving safe haven to ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  2. SMH!! at our so called leaders of this city! You take your life in your hands if you step into Baltimore City!

  3. Jim Curtis says:

    The place is a dump. Get out while you can and just put a fence around it change the name from Baltimore City to Baltimore Zoo and let the animals have it

  4. Sonia Clark Stewart says:

    I was watching how that policeman was observing that liar as he was holding his drugged daughter. I hope they get the maximum sentence.

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