BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A regular Saturday morning outing with friends got a lot more interesting this weekend for a Woodberry man — it ended with an eight-foot snake being wrapped around the shoulders of a friend.

Ian Mack comes to Lake Montebello to play frisbee golf or disc golf.

Mack and his regular playing partner Dave had just finished up one hole, when they came across another player down by the treeline. He was looking for a missing disc.

“Right here is where I presume the groundhog was in,” Mack said.

The groundhog is important because it was inside another animal — a snake.

Baltimore Man Finds 8-Foot Boa Constrictor Near Lake Montebello

He pulled out this non-native boa constrictor with a groundhog-sized lump in its belly.

“Because I know it would die come winter time, but more so because I didn’t want a bunch of kids to find it after watching Godzilla and decide they were going to save the city and beat it with sticks or something,” Mack said.

He’s an arborist, not a herpetologist.

But together they knew enough not to be afraid

David Nowak, the only one with a car volunteered to transport the snake they called Lieutenant Dan.

He kept it for a couple of days to make sure it wasn’t someone’s and donated it to a wildlife center.

“I don’t want to see something die just for being itself, you know?” he said.


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