BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore police announced the arrest of 64 people Thursday morning — including two arrests in a double murder this week.

Donyell Morris, 18, and Charles Anderson, 17, were arrested and charged with Tuesday’s double murder on Bloomingdale Road in West Baltimore where a man and a woman were shot and killed.

These arrests were announced with 62 others as part of a 3-day warrant initiative with eight other state and federal agencies including the FBI and Homeland Security.

Of those arrests, 27 were for assault charges.

The commissioner praised his relationships with those state and federal partners.

“As a result of this operation, we made 64 arrests for a wide range of serious crimes including homicide, assault, burglary, robbery, and carjacking. So, the city is safer with these violent criminals off our streets,” said Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Harrison said the operation targeted the city’s violent criminals.

In addition to that double murder arrest, police also announced an arrest in a shooting case.

This story is developing. Stay with WJZ for the latest. 

Paul Gessler

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  1. GREAT!! Just another 1000 hoodrats left to go…Thanks to the outside agency’s for your help taking these dangerous hoodrats off of our streets the police commissioner certainly has shown us ZERO RESULTS thus far, no doubt this success was do to the help of these outside agency’s.

  2. NEXT!! Hope your taking notes commissioner, that’s how REAL police work is done!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    What about the ILLEGALS you will not go after Harrison? They broke the law of the land. You are the police commissioner sworn to uphold the Constitution of The United States. You have no authority to pick and choose what laws you enforce and what laws you ignore. Your broken goods Harrison. Just another puppet of a Democrat OWNER. A yes boy for a black master. I call it like I see it. The animals that you were hired to control are controlling you. I would not be surprised if one day/ one night, one of those animals will cap your fat a$$. You are not part of the elite club of Democrats in the city. You are very touchable not like your masters. After that…guess the Democrats BUY a 2 million dollar replacement

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