BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Transportation Authority is allowing the public to give them feedback on a new toll system in Maryland starting Thursday.

The public can comment online or at a set of hearings across the state about the new toll payment options that are supposed to save residents money.

Gov, Larry Hogan said the new system would save Marylanders more than $28 million over five years.

MDTA Board Approves Public Hearings, Comment Period For New Toll Payment Options

The proposals listed are as following:

  • Pay By Plate: This payment method allows tolls to be automatically billed to credit cards at the same rate that cash customers currently pay.
  • New Vehicle Classes With Lower Rates: Toll rates would be reduced 50 percent for motorcycles and would be cut 25 and 17 percent, respectively, for light vehicle towing one- and two-axle trailers, such as those used for watercraft or landscaping equipment.
  • Discount For Early Payment Of Video Tolls: A 15 percent discount for Video Tolling customers who pay the toll before their invoices are mailed would take effect by Dec. 2020

Pay-by-plate is set to be available in June 2020.

Consumers who want to submit comments online regarding the new proposals should follow this link.


Written by WJZ Intern, Raven McCree