BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore County Police released portions of body-worn camera video of an interaction between an officer and a citizen in July.

The citizen, Vance Benton, is the principal of Patterson High School. He claimed the officer was degrading and insulting in an interaction July 29 in his Owings Mills neighborhood.

Police released portions of the interaction to WJZ on Thursday.

Watch below:

The video starts with Officer Price, whose first name was withheld, asking if Benton and his 15-year-old son were involved in an incident involving a detained person.

Benton took exception to the officer’s question and a verbal back-and-forth commenced.

Benton was on the sidewalk off to the side with his son. He says he was teaching him about how to treat women and how to interact with police.

“(The officer) didn’t see me as a human being. He didn’t see me as a black man. He didn’t see me as a father. He just saw me as someone who was meaningless,” Benton told WJZ Tuesday.

Principal Says Condescending Comments, Actions By Baltimore County Police Officer Were Race-Related

Benton says what is not seen in the publically released portions of the video is another officer telling him he could stay.

Baltimore County Police tell WJZ the investigation has concluded, but would not released whether any training or disciplinary action was taken.

Paul Gessler


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