BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The family of former Baltimore Police Department Detective Sean Suiter is outraged by the results of an investigation calling his death a suicide, a conclusion they’ve long disputed.

Wednesday afternoon, a report by the Maryland State Police, which was looking into Suiter’s death, concluded Suiter died by suicide. Baltimore police subsequently closed their investigation.

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At a news conference Wednesday night, Suiter’s family and attorney criticized the process, saying the scope of the investigation was limited. Family members said they weren’t interviewed as part of it.

“There was no new research done, there was no new investigation done, (…) you put a rubber stamp on the same information that you already had,” Suiter’s daughter Damitra said.

Suiter’s widow told WJZ earlier this year she believed his death was an inside job.

“How many times y’all going to kill my husband,” Nicole Suiter said. “We are ready for war. Like my lawyer said, we are ready for war.”

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Meanwhile, the family’s attorney said the police department closing the case was a “gift” because records will now be subject to a public information request “that the police department can’t hide behind.”

“We met with Commissioner (Michael) Harrison personally in his office with his command staff,” attorney Jeremy Eldridge said. “We were promised a very specific agenda, we were promised an investigation with clean hands. That is not what we’ve received.”

Eldridge said he will begin the process of requesting documents and interviews as soon as Thursday.

“If they can’t give us the answers, we’ll just have to get the answers ourselves,” he said.

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Suiter, a veteran Baltimore police officer, died nearly two years ago while investigating a triple murder in west Baltimore.

Ava-joye Burnett