By Rachael Cardin

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — Police are investigating a shooting that they say spurred from a home invasion in Glen Burnie early Thursday morning.

Anne Arundel County Police said homeowner Thomas Fisher was checking his chicken coop when he heard a noise coming from his house.

He went inside and saw his fiancee struggling with two intruders. Fisher grabbed his shotgun and shot one of the intruders in the leg as they were fleeing.

“I see my fiance come running down the hill, and at that time, I see she’s all bloody all over her face,” Fisher said. “I yell at her to call the cops, so she comes back up, calls the cops while I stood down there waiting for police.”

Both the homeowner’s fiancee and the intruder who was shot were taken to the hospital.

Fisher’s fiance had to get stitches and staples in her head because of the assault.

Fisher said he asked the suspect he shot what they were after.

“He was asking me for help,” Fisher said. “I’m like, ‘Why am I going to help you? You just broke into my house, beat up my girlfriend and tried to rob me.'”

Police have also arrested 20-year-old Tyler Purdue of Baltimore County in this case.

Tyler Purdue

Tyler Purdue, 2nd Suspect In Glen Burnie Home Invasion, Arrested

Fisher had surveillance cameras in place and handed the footage over to investigators.

Police said the four people may have known each other, and that the home invasion could be targeted.

Rachael Cardin


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