BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After Thanksgiving meals, many people got a jump start on holiday shopping wish lists.

Many stores in the area, including Best Buy in Timonium4224373 are offering Black Friday deals, so shoppers lined up early so they don’t miss out.

They’re also staying open late to accommodate shoppers looking to cash in.

“We just wanted to beat the lines.” said shopper Evy Kohler.

Shoppers had to get there early to get a spot toward the front of the line and ensure that their items of choice don’t sell out.

“I think it’s like $70 off what it is now. So, that’s why we were like, we have to come now.” Kohler said.

Dozens of people went directly from the dinner table into shopping mode, as stores around the area offer enticing bargains in-stores and online.

“The camera lens, I saved $250 on it, so Black Friday sale worked out perfectly.” said shopper Kendall Blackston.

WJZ did a little on-the-go survey of some of the most popular items out there Thursday night and found they include the Amazon Echo, flat-screen TVs and gaming devices including the Nintendo Switch.

Stores like Walmart have been preparing for this day since September and ordered some of its most popular items at least a year in advance.

Baltimore-Area Stores Gear Up For Black Friday, Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping Sales

Those include toys, of course, anything related to Star Wars, Frozen and anything related to Baby Shark are a huge hit this year.

“The comparison that I make it to is like Major League Baseball, now when there is a dispute, they go to Instant Replay, so the disputes are much calmer. The customers are much calmer now because there are so many other ways to get what they need.” said Paul Kram, Walmart manager.

For many, shopping in-store allows for a more personalized experience, and lets you try out gadgets you never thought you would need or want.

“The Apple Watch one. I never considered getting one and now I really want one.” said Laura Stec, a shopper.

While some of the popular sale items may have sold out, many of the deals extend into the weekend.

So, it’s not too late to look up some of your favorite stores and see what kind of deals they’re offering.

Rachel Menitoff


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