ESSEX, Md. (WJZ) — An East Baltimore rapper known as ‘Dee Dave’ was shot and killed in an Essex parking lot early Friday morning.

The double shooting happened around 5:11 a.m. at the Kings Mill Apartment complex in the 900 block of Holgate Drive.

Calvin Krasheen Fogg Charged In Murder Of East Baltimore Rapper ‘Dee Dave’

According to police, when officers arrived, they found two men with gunshot wounds in the parking lot.

One man was taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The second man, David Leroy King, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased man’s family confirmed to WJZ that he was a local journeyman rapper known as ‘Dee Dave.’

Rapper ‘Dee Dave’ in his music video on YouTube.

The rapper’s family said he worked full time as a Baltimore Gas & Electric contractor, and that on Friday morning, he was supposed to fly to Atlanta for a show.

“He had a rap career, on top of working a full-time job, on top of being a father,” Antwan Askia, King’s cousin, said. “Thought he was going to be on a plane going down to Atlanta. I don’t know what’s happening right now. I just got a call at six in the morning saying my cousin was gone.”

His family said the rapper’s music was positive and didn’t glorify violence.

The family said they are confused, frustrated and want answers.

“Just trying to get some answers,” Askia said. “Cause he wasn’t that guy to be laying out here on the ground like that.”

Maya Camille is the curator at The Gallery About Nothing in East Baltimore where King held an event Thursday night called The Huddle to celebrate rap music.

“The energy was amazing,” Camille said. “You could feel it through the phone. There were a bunch of rappers together. There was no beefin’, there was no arguing. There was just love and music and it was an excitement.”

Camille said all too often, a vicious cycle takes the lives of people in Baltimore.

“When you are about to be up next, either you leave or you die.”

King’s cousin, Tate Kobang, was also at The Huddle the night before the murder.

“We left together, he dropped me off,” Kobang said. “Told him I love him, and I always tell him, hit me when you get in the house. He had to go past his mom’s crib to get extra clothes and pack to leave in the morning, and he just never texted me, never touched in or anything. Next thing I know, I was getting that call.”

Kobang said he wants justice for his cousin.

“It couldn’t have been someone who knew him,” he said. “Because anyone that knew him loved him, and this is the last thing that anyone that ever knew him would ever want.”

Dream Team Deejays, a group of local Baltimore DJ’s, extending their condolences to the family of King. The group said, in part:

“The City of Baltimore has lost a marvelously talented young man and the music industry has lost a valuable resource, which is irreplaceable. Dee Dave was a remarkable and talented young man dedicated to the industry. On behalf of the Dream Team DJ’s, we wish to convey our sincere condolensces to the family of Dee Dave.”

Baltimore County Homicide Detectives are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. Anyone with information should contact the County Police Homicide Unit by calling 410-307-2020.

Callers may remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward when submitting tips through Metro Crime Stoppers.

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  1. King Julian says:

    Why you not targeting hot spots already, this is a principle of policing deploy where most needed. Don’t need a data center to tell that the need is Woodlawn, Essex andf Dundalk.

  2. Livia D. says:

    R.I.P Family. We love you and will miss you.

  3. Adolf Hitler says:


  4. Bill Smiths says:

    Leave that dysfunction in the city, the county executive is determined to bring that dysfunction to the county. Section eight is poison to the community.

    1. King Julian says:

      Regional governing will be a disaster for the county

    2. Goth says:

      I agree section 8 is poison and we don’t need or want it in Baltimore County! Just take a look at section 8 in the city and see how well they are doing. Hard working everyday citizens don’t want section 8 in their neighborhoods!

    3. Mark says:

      Now we see and fully understand why segregation was needed back then, and why it’s needed today. They move in to your areas…, bring their drugs, gangs and crimes to your streets. Just take a look at the country. Blacks are destroying Baltimore country too. Now we understand why racism against blacks existed. We just have enemies in America who brought them here and used us as the scapegoats, and rewritten history to make these animals look like the victims. When in reality, they have been a FUC*ING thorn in all our countries.

  5. Mike B says:

    Baltimore County is turning into Bloodymore City thanks to Johnny O and the democrats.

  6. Mark says:

    Blacks move in to your areas and turn them into a ghetto shi*-hole. They bring their drugs, gangs and crime to your area. Lets all come out and address the elephant in the room. Blacks are the problem.

  7. Goth says:

    Get rid of all the higher ups, clean house and turn this state the furthest away from Democratic/Liberal control. Democrats destroyed Baltimore. Every year more and more residence are leaving Baltimore. Decades of failed and corrupt democrats (from steal’n Dixon to Pugh). Baltimore City is a mess and all surrounding counties are just as bad. Stop voting Democrat. Wake up!

  8. Jeff says:

    Never heard of this guy or his music before, but he was just another statistic who brought his life of gangs, crime, drugs, and whatever else out of the city and into Baltimore county. The same problem is happening to Anne Arundel too, but the diversity-lovers welcome and want these kinds of problems. I agree that addressing the elephant in the room is key here. Blacks are the problem. Their culture is terrible and should be deported back to Africa. There’s no reason to give them a free ride on section 8 either…..why? So that they can sit around all day and rob our neighborhoods while normal people are working? Dems/Liberals are fools who are not about to discern cause & effect.

    1. Mark says:

      The diversity pushing crowd are really headed by what seems to be two hive minds, but they are really just one. On one side, you have the communist black supremacist controlling democrat areas…, they somehow believe they can take over whitey’s created civilization. As they destroy everything they touch. No creative ability in them whatsoever. Never created a civilization in their whole existence. They are destroyers and always will be. On the other side, you have the hardcore jewish supremacist pushing non-whites into white areas because jews believe whites are the nation of amalek to be “blotted out”., and less white votes means more leftist communist votes. That is the end goal. A communist order…, where are your rights are gun and big government puts their boots on your neck.

      1. Mark says:

        *A communist order…, where ALL your rights are GONE and big government puts their boots on your neck.

  9. Goth says:

    Take a walk in Baltimore sure they show the beautiful Inner Harbor but dare to walk in that area its a danger zone. A city with abandoned and just destroyed homes which were once beautiful. How is that section 8 working? Along with grants or whatever free handout one gets to get into Baltimore homes. They fix them up to only once again be destroyed. Its a never ending cycle. All the freebies and hand outs need to go! The ones who don’t work target the areas where the working class live and take from them. Its a disgrace. Nobody is held accountable and if they are caught they are put right back out on the streets. Where is the justice?! The whole city is a joke. Incompetent leaders who should have never been put into office. All the money Baltimore gets and yet the crime rate is insane, the schools are downright awful, and nothing seems to be getting any better. Where is all the money? lining someone’s pockets surely not being used in Baltimore!

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