By Rachael Cardin

PIKESVILLE, MD. (WJZ) — Body camera footage released Tuesday was reviewed by attorneys representing the family of the 76-year-old grandmother who was thrown to the ground by Baltimore County Police.

The Law Office of J. Wyndal Gordon, who is representing the family, said that they “intend to challenge the legality of the warrantless arrests.”

In a statement, they said, in part:

“The family and I have had a chance to view the video and from what we observed, it was consistent with what we’d known all along. Cpl. Brennan appeared to be more concerned with censuring protected speech and using his police powers to vindicate his dignity rather than suppressing crime and ensuring public safety. This is a classic case of Contempt of Cop. The problem is “Contempt of Cop” is not a criminal offense in the State of Maryland, however, it could form the basis of administrative or civil action.”

There are still many questions surrounding the video that Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski described as “hard to watch.”

Police said the physical encounter didn’t start on the main scene, but at another scene where police responded to a call for a child being violent.

Within seconds of Corporal Brennan arriving on the scene, he meets Cierra Floyd.

“Who are you, what’s going on?” Cpl. Brennan said.

“I live here. Look, you know what, never mind, I don’t even like the police, never mind.” Floyd said.

Not even 30 seconds later the corporal threatens to lock Floyd up for disorderly conduct.

“If you wanna get locked up for disorderly we can go down that road.” Cpl. Brennan said.

Over the next several minutes police try to get the women to calm down because they’re agitating the child, shouting racial insults at the officers and the child.

A few minutes later- another threat, this time from Floyd.

“Am I supposed to be scared of you, sir? You don’t know who my people’s is, your job will be mine by the end of this day.”

Are you threatening me?” Cpl. Brennan says.

Eventually, that scene clears, and Cpl. Brennan goes to Cierra Floyd’s grandmother’s house.

“She’s under arrest for disorderly.” Cpl. Brennan says to Floyd’s grandmother.

Within moments, Cpl. Brennan’s foot is wedged into a door. He uses pepper spray, deploys his taser and even raises his gun, all while putting out a “distress call” letting the responding officer know he needs backup.

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The responding officer, Officer Schmidt, shows up and forcefully removes Floyd’s grandmother, Rena Mellerson, from the house.

Police have only said the officers are still with the department as the investigation continues.

“Still with their police powers but they are not with any duty-related assignment.” a spokesperson said.

The big question is why the officer went to Floyd’s home in the first place and how he knew her address. We have been told all these questions are still being reviewed by investigators.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. Goth says:

    Can an attorney look at the video where the man was beaten down in downtown Baltimore by the sequeeze kid? that was horrific. How about that incident? crickets…

  2. Resi Dent says:

    Cop arrives to assist in a distress call and sees a woman (?) coming out of the residence, he doesn’t know if she has a weapon or not. Put me on the jury: NOT GUILTY.

  3. King Julian says:

    Support your officers on this one Johnny O. I know your trying to turn the county into Baltimore City but they did nothing wrong. Also stop raising taxes like to one on Jan. 1 2020

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