BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore police officer whose police powers were suspended after he was seen on video striking a woman in the head after she swung at another officer twice will not face charges, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said Monday night.

In a statement, spokesperson Zy Richardson told WJZ that “while we strongly disagree with the action the officer took, it does not rise to the level of illegality.”

Richardson added the state’s attorney’s office reviewed the case and recommended the department take internal action if warranted.

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The statement reads in full:

“We have completed a thorough review of this unfortunate incident, and while we strongly disagree with the action the Officer took, it does not rise to the level of illegality. The Officer had other options he could have pursued to de-escalate the situation rather than striking the woman with a closed fist, and we recommend that BPD review this officer’s conduct in the immediate instance, consider his past record of conduct, and take appropriate internal action.”

(The video can be seen here; viewer discretion is advised)

The video, which circulated on social media and drew criticism from some city leaders, showed the woman hit a police officer in the head downtown Friday night. When she went to swing again, the video showed the second officer hit her in the throat, knocking her to the ground.

City Council President and mayoral candidate Brandon Scott called the officer’s actions “unacceptable,” and Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young called it “deeply disturbing.”

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  1. wired says:

    and they wonder why people are upset? If she had been white it would be different cops should be trained to arrest people w/o punching them – it was a fat old lady not an NFL linebacker. Seriously dudes???????? She shouldna punched the cop, so arrest her don’t stoop to her level and punch her back she was no threat to the cops life

  2. Bill Smiths says:

    I like to see you try an deal with that nasty heifer,….bro you kidding yourself if you think you could have sweet talked that BT1000.

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