Hi Everyone!

The heat index will be 98° today. THAT is the headline, or is it?

Potentially strong thunderstorms are likely later today and tonight. THAT is the headline, or is it?

We now have Tropical Storm Cristobal which could hit the Gulf Coast at the end of the weekend as a hurricane. THAT is the headline, or is it?

What is the headline then, how about this — all three. I say that, as my headline would be, “Today we have a full plate of very active weather, more so than in the past few months.”

Winter was calm and mild. The Spring was calm but chilly. Now the story corrects itself dramatically with almost too much to address in two minutes on TV. Weather is certainly not boring and that is a fact.

I think we could say we have a triple lead, the hat trick. So in this order; Dress for comfort today, watch the radar, (stay weather alert and stay safe). And keep an eye on Cristobal.

In a pandemic, we do not need hundreds of crowding emergency shelters, much less hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to businesses already reeling from the pandemic.

This is making our average fear-inducing snowfall seem dull.



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