BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police have a 56-year-old man in custody for the murder of a popular local gospel radio host, Tyra Phillips Womack.

Womack, 57, was shot outside her home in the 2400 block of Albion Avenue on June 10.

She was found with multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Womack was the host of the Gospel Grace programs on WEAA on Sundays.

WEAA Radio Announcer Tyra Phillips Killed In Shooting In NE Baltimore, Station Says

While police investigated the WEAA radio host’s murder, they learned the shooting was the result of an argument with a neighbor.

Police identified Richard Sylvester Green, of the same block, as a suspect and obtained an arrest warrant.

On June 16, Green was taken into custody in Baltimore County without incident.

He was taken to Central Booking, where he’s charged with first- and second-degree murder.

“Ultimately, he did admit his involvement in this case. He didn’t go into a motive, but from what we understand, there had been an ongoing dispute with not only the victim but the victim’s son,” Baltimore Police Detective Donny Moses said.

Residents of the neighborhood said Green argued with many of his neighbors, most recently becoming enraged about parking spots. Friends of Womack can’t believe violence ended her life.

“When you think of a neighbor, you think of somebody if you run out of sugar you can knock on their door but you know you’re residing next to someone that even if you have differences you still don’t fathom they’ll take your life,” Brenda Brown, a friend of Womack, said.

Brown said Womack has a 25-year-old son who now has to go through life without his mom.

“A murder. That’s just a hard thing to shoulder for the rest of his life,” Brown said.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. spudnuts says:

    A black life that must not have mattered as nobody is upset about this murder. The most dangerous thing to black is another black with a gun. Give them credit, by & large they shoot their own

  2. King Julian says:

    in the end they will blame the police, its trendy

  3. And? says:

    A lot of nonsense comments here. This tragic event has nothing to do with the abuse of power that some police heap on black lives every day- and you know this. Yet you want to equate them to prove something-nothing. This was a neighborhood dispute. The other crime was domestic violence. Neither has to do with hot head biased police.

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