BALTIMORE (WJZ) — While men and women are equally as likely to contract COVID-19, new studies are showing that men are being hit harder by the disease than counterparts.

“Men who developed COVID-19 did worse than women,” Dr. Richard Pomerantz, of Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital, said.


One analysis of 5,700 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in New York City showed that more than 60% were men. Another study suggests that men are twice as likely to die from the virus than women.

“Women have a better response to infections than men do,” Dr. Pomerantz said. “They’re immune system is more revved up to deal with infection.”

Doctors say a woman’s estrogen level also helps fight the disease.

“Whereas men who don’t have that are not going to be nearly as able to fight off the infection as women do,” Dr. Pomerantz said.

It’s also said that women tend to recover from COVID-19 faster, leaving less chance of complications to arise. It’s why doctors are urging men to be extra vigilant in taking precautions.

Dr. Pomerantz says, this isn’t the first time they’ve seen women having an easier time fighting a virus, they noticed it with Severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS] as well.

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Sean Streicher

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  1. anonymous says:

    It’s probably because men are less likely to seek medical treatment in a timely manner than women are. They will get sicker before they give in and go to the doctor or ER.

    I still remember my dad yelling “I’M NOT SICK!” as they wheeled him to the OR w/ a ruptured appendix he noticed he could not see out of one eye while shaving (was a detached retina) and went when he passed off weakness on one side as the side effects or working in the yard over the weekend. That was a stroke, his secretary took one look, recognized the facial symptoms and called the company nurse who called an ambulance. He died of prostate cancer that got to stage 4 before he went to the doctor & by then it was too late.

    Some men take saying you are sick as weakness and they keep at it until they collapse because they are supposed to be “tough”. Dad was one, I miss him. Maybe he would still be here if he bothered to get regular physicals w/ prostate exams?

  2. Essie Elliott says:

    I worked the front desk for more than 10 years at an internists’ practice, it is true. Men are also more likely to be smokers, use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, have a sedentary lifestyle (not exercise), eat poorly and to be overweight or obese than women & those are a HUGE risk factors for any disease. In short, the average woman is healthier than the average man to start with & they live longer.

    Women who feel ill or notice a symptom are more likely to get it checked out sooner.

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