LANDOVER, MD. (WJZ) — Police in Prince George’s County are investigating after three officers were shot while responding to a home invasion Sunday evening.

Police responded to a call in the 1300 block of Capital View Terrace at 6:34 p.m. for a call about a home invasion. Within minutes they arrived on the scene and “within seconds” became under gunfire, officials said.

“This evening I received a call that three of my officers were shot,” said Interim Police Chief Hector Velez.

Video Shows Police Response After 3 Prince George’s County Officers ‘Ambushed’ After Home Invasion

Three of their officers who arrived were shot, police said, and rushed for treatment.

“Within minutes they arrive on the scene and within seconds they came under gunfire…they were ambushed,” Interim Chief Velez said.

The officers on the scene provided self-care and aid to each other, and because of that, they were able to be transported to the Prince George’s Hospital Center, officials said.

All three officers are being treated at Prince George’s Hospital Center- one undergoing surgery and two saved by the protective vests they were wearing at the time.

“They’re gonna be fine,” Interim Chief Velez said. “They are in good spirits, they are concerned about each other.”

Two males are in custody, both were not struck.

The case is under investigation, but Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks said these officers are “nothing short of heroes,”

She asked the community to keep the officers in their prayers.

Gov. Larry Hogan extended his support as well to the three officers later Sunday night on Twitter:

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. Edgar Poe says:

    The ACLU is already promising to go after the police officers for returning fire and almost injuring the people who shot them..The ACLU will always protect the rights of cop killers….

  2. GUNS FOR ALL says:

    Take a chill pill Edgar- the villain is the NRA that wants to make it easier to get guns & protect the “rights” of the shooters to get them

    1. BG says:

      ‘Guns for All’ is a typical leftist… they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to blame the clearly guilty criminals… If the problem were actually mere existence of a gun, then millions upon millions of Americans would be murdering uncontrollably every day… but no, they don’t… weakness of mind is the leftist’s stock in trade… Inability to come to grips with uncomfortable truths about the world around them… childish, in a word, and even worse… unable and unwilling to grow up.

  3. BLM is A Terror Group says:

    I’m sure Black Lives Matter will be organizing a march in support of those 3 Officers Shot

  4. Truth Hertz says:


  5. Terrence says:

    yeah, I’m sure that the criminals that ambushed the police officers were NRA members. GFA wants you to keep that absurd statement in mind. This was a criminal act and I am sure that when their names are released, you will see that they have a long criminal record and are thus PRECLUDED from LEGALLY OWNING or PURCHASING a firearm. BLM is more to blame for this incident than the NRA, since BLM is promoting insurrection against law enforcement. Grow up idiot.

  6. King Julian says:

    Burn, Loot, Murder

  7. Name Optional says:

    I do not blame NRA, and I’d bet the house that the shooters were not members AND that the guns were not in their hands legally. No, I’m not NRA. Tougher gun laws would not have prevented this sort of hatred, at least not for generations to come. I don’t think that BLM is a terrorist group, but I believe their voice contributes more to this sort of crime than NRA. The “I can’t breathe” incidents and joggers being shot rednecks is exactly the reason BLM does have a place right now, but they have to stop supporting career criminals like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and yea, Rodney King, who have zero respect for the law or society in general.
    Is an attempted murder against a person simply because that person is a cop somehow less of a crime than attempted murder of a person because of their skin color, religion, lifestyle, etc?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Trump promised top bring back law and order- how’s it working out?

    1. BG says:

      It’s fine, unless you are condemned to live in one of our beloved leftist urban sewers… ever wonder why this idiocy happens only where spineless Democrats have been in power for decades? Are the Dems creating this violence with their policies, or are they just too emasculated to stop it? It’s one, or the other…

      1. BM says:

        BG: it is interesting since local/State policing falls under the Governors/Mayors of those areas. Trump has nothing to do UNLESS they call for his help. So the fact that these cities have turned into criminal encampments are all up to the locals (whether Democratic or Republican). From the various cities, it seems to favor Left/Democratic run cities. The Dems are not doing themselves any favors not striking this down. I would encourage all the police in these various cities to have a week long ‘blue flu’ and publicize this a week or two before they hold it. Let the rioters have time to plan and see what the outcomes are. I would also publish all the cities’ leaderships’ addresses. Let’s see how long the upper elites last before calling for police support. Sometimes when some is ‘gone’ you tend to realize how much you really need it.

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