BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After a monstrous Baltimore Ravens win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, some fans are already talking about a possible trip to the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Sports and Novelty saw a steady stream of customers on Monday following the team’s 38-6 victory in their season opener.

One of those customers was Terrell Harrison, who found the Lamar Jackson jersey he had been looking for. He bought it as an early birthday present.

“Got the Lamar Jackson stitch color rush,” he said. “I’ve been looking for it for a while. It’s been all sold out.”

Owner Jeffrey Katzen said he hopes the momentum continues.

“People have been coming in getting their Lamar jerseys, stuff for their She Sheds and Man Caves, and it’s been pretty steady today for a Monday,” he said.

The season may be different — and so are sales, Katzen said, but at least football is back.


Shopper Junior Poindujour also stocked up on new swag for his basement.

“I have a couple things, I got my jersey, Lamar poster, a few things but I need something else that I can put in the basement that’s missing,” he said.

And while fans aren’t being allowed into M&T Bank Stadium for the beginning of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic, those cheering on the Ravens can now add team masks to their gameday wardrobes.

It’s a welcome feeling of some normalcy amid a chaotic year, Poindujour said.

“Football always brings that moment of unity, and we need that right now especially with COVID-19 and everything going on. I couldn’t wait,” he said.

Rachael Cardin

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  1. Larry Espey says:

    This win is being over rated as they played the Browns not the Chiefs LOL!

    I think the crucial issue is going to be if teams have outbreaks of the Trump virus as that may postpone or end the season. I’m glad the NFL is taking it seriously, but football is a contact sport and players are not wearing masks so it could be spread.

    I hope all goes well, they did look good!

    GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Me says:

    A win over a sub par team, 1 game and are ready for the super bowl?? Get real Ravens are kneeling no talent hacks, not gonna happen!

  3. Tyree says:

    I refused to watch this season nor will I attend any games as long as they keep on kneeling and playing into the false a narrative. Nope not happening so they put that rapist Blake’s name on their helmets…..nope I m walking away from the NFL and when the front office starts to feel the pain in their wallets maybe then they will stop the BS.

    1. tabitha m walden says:

      The NFL could care less what you do.

  4. King Julian says:

    kneelers can kneel as is their right, but they are not to be respected for supporting the criminals that they are protesting for. may the ravens lose the rest.

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