BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Republican congressional candidate Kim Klacik released a new ad Sunday focusing again on Baltimore’s trash problems among other issues she said are plaguing Black city residents.

“I see a Baltimore that picks up trash,” Klacik said. “There are piles of garbage all around Baltimore. It makes life unsafe for our families. I’ll work with city leaders to get Baltimore Solid Waste Bureau the resources it needs to take out the trash.”

“Our streets should be the reflection of our leaders, clean, not dirty,” she continued.

“A broken Baltimore doesn’t have to be our future,” Klacik said in the ad.

Klacik said much of the city’s trash gathers near abandoned homes, saying the city has more than 17,000 abandoned buildings — calling them a “scar on the face of our city.”

She said she’ll support tax credits and incentives to help residents buy and rebuild these homes.

“Let’s put the charm back in Charm City,” she said.

The three-minute ad highlights parts of Klacik’s platform including jobs, education and prison reform.

She ends the ad surrounded by a group of women of all different ages and backgrounds and says “Baltimore doesn’t have to vote Democrat.”

CBS Baltimore Staff

  1. Jay Darby says:

    Uh, maybe she’s re-highlighting the issue because its egregious, not being addressed, and yall on here acting like she’s just mouthing off. Wonder how many on the CBS Baltimore editorial board live out on the west side? Nah, didn’t think so…Canton? Fed Hill? Somewhere nice and built back up where they don’t have to look at the problem day in and day out. You bet.

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