JARRETTSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland man was arrested Monday for trespassing after he refused to wear a mask at a polling place in Jarrettsville, according to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were called to the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company, an early voting center, at around 2:46 p.m.

They were told two people inside the polling place were refusing to wear a mask, so election officials asked them to leave.

Maryland Man Who Refused To Wear Mask At Polling Site Suing Harford County Sheriff, Election Officials After Arrest

Responding deputies spoke with the two men for nearly 30 minutes. The second man complied and left the polling place; however, Daniel Swain, 52, continue to refuse to comply with the election judge’s directives.

Deputies said they arrested Swain when “it was clear there were no other options.”

Governor Hogan said Tuesday he was not aware of the arrest, “but it’s very important the state and county boards of election are very careful about trying to keep people protected. The pandemic is spiking out of control at this point in states across America. Our numbers are even starting to rise. We’re very concerned about the spread.”

Swain was taken to the Harford County Detention Center and was later released.

He is not banned from the polling place and can still cast his ballot there if he follows the rules according to the sheriff’s office.

The Harford County Board of Elections has a designated area for voters who are unable or unwilling to wear a mask while voting.

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  1. Medical Professional says:

    30 minutes of talking to this individual, he should have been arrested sooner. Security at my institution gives you one chance to wear a mask before being escorted off the campus.

    1. sfcmac says:

      More tyranny by maskholes who push hysteria instead of common sense.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    I know first-hand that one key element of the article is incorrect: Swain and the other man (his son, and first-time voter) WERE in the supposed designated area. That’s precisely what the debate was about.

    He should’ve never been arrested.

  3. Dennis Carrier says:

    We can’t leave it up to the authorities alone to deal with idiots like this. It is up to all of us to clearly and loudly register our disdain to these people when they pull stunts like this. Many people in the vicinity of this behavior will often yell and cuss at the people and that’s exactly what they should do.

    1. Jeff says:

      Expect a response. Man, woman, or child gets in my face over this nonsense it will be an experience they remember.

  4. Kate says:

    I’m confused- you’re saying they were in the designated area and then were asked to leave for not wearing a mask? Were you there to see the interaction? Just seems like the subsequent arrest by the deputies was based off of the man not following the rules, not anything else. Perhaps there was an initial mistake of not being in the right area, but the continued refusal afterwards to follow the rules seems like a justified arrest to me. I’m curious of what you know, not trying to be accusatory at all fyi.

  5. RT says:

    They spent thirty minutes trying to convince him to wear a mask? It couldn’t POSSIBLY be because he’s white that they spent all that time with him, right?

  6. busseja says:

    Total BS. As President Trump showed. The vast majority of people who get this disease have no problem. They don’t even show symptoms. The few that do recover like the president. Maybe steroids required and you can do it at home. For those unfortunate few, it is like a bee sting. Do we ban peanut butter from the polling places? The entire covid thing is a farce. the numbers may be big but in the grand scheme of numbers they are insignificant. Only the old infirm and already deathly ill need worry at all and even for them, not much.

  7. Founders1791 says:

    These men were denied the RIGHT TO VOTE because of an arbitrary law not found in the Constitution or in Federal law. To force voters to buy and wear a mask is a POLL TAX which is ILLEGAL.

    1. William Dawes says:

      Amen. Our rights are out the window, enabled by the neer-do-wells who are still afraid of a disease the CDC admits is milder than an ordinary flu. From “15 days to flatten the curve” to 7 months of unprecedented lockdowns, and now fines and arrests for citizens not wearing a useless mask. There is no science here. Wake up, people.

    2. SagenSassy says:

      THANK YOU for recognizing the Constitution as the law of the land, not some illegitimate mandate being illegally enforced. I am sorely disappointed at the responses here that applaud the police for arresting them and those who think that more citizens should harass those of us who choose to not wear a mask because it is not healthy and refuse to obey and comply with politicians and their power grab.

    3. Jacl Crabb says:

      A law is passed by the Legislature. This BS is tyranny from the bald fat governor.

  8. CLB says:

    This isn’t about a virus. It’s about control. Good for Mr. Swain for not giving in to this BS!

  9. Dragonfly56 says:

    Best sign I have seen at a BBQ place, “We serve pork, we do not serve sheep, so take off the stupid mask” Media and progressives using COVID as an opportunity to scare us from the polls and blame our President. Don’t be a sheep.

  10. Jim H. - VA USA says:

    God bless this man.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    As a free man, he has a right to vote, and he has an unalienable right to make his own health decisions, including wearing an arguably-ineffective medical device on his face for months.

    Everyone else has a right to stay home for eternity, if they wish.

    Governor Hogan’s Unconstitutional order forbids this man from wearing an N95 or KN95 mask, which might actually be somewhat effective (but virologist working with live viruses wear hermetically-sealed suits).

    It’s not about science; it’s about compliance and control. It is tyranny.

  11. Even the sheriffs in my town DID NOT wear a sharia/sino mask when we were voting! Ain’t happening NORTH of Daytona, and the progs, they’re “cut off”.

  12. Curtis D Garcia says:

    Got exactly what he deserved. People like him is what’s keeping this virus so strong, and threatening the lives of everyone.

  13. chrissfarmer says:

    Good, one less vote for Trump. You want to vote in person you need to wear a mask and leave your assault rifle & Trump hat in the car, period. If you want to vote and not wear a mask, do what I did and fill out a ballot from home and drop it into a ballot box.

    MASKS ARE EFFECTIVE AND THE VIRUS IS REAL. I could care less if you get it and die, but you could spread it to others (especially health care workers) before you die and I care about that. Listen to the scientists not Trump.

    Almost a quarter of a million Americans had a problem w/ the virus and they are dead now. You may not be high risk, but the person next to you may be or the loved ones they go home to. Masks are about being considerate and caring about other people, something Trump & many of his minions have to concept of.

    If COVID is no big deal or a hoax, why was your hero Trump medivaced & hospitalized???

    1. Founders1791 says:

      He was not Medevaced doofus. He took Marine One.
      The reason is because HE IS THE LEADER of the ‘FREE WORLD’ that you hate

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