BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Brandon Scott declared victory Tuesday night in the Baltimore City mayoral race.

As of early Wednesday morning, Scott had a more than 50-point lead over his nearest competitor, independent candidate Bob Wallace. Scott earned 118,621 (71.1%) votes to Wallace’s 33,354 (20%). Republican candidate Shannon Wright came in third with 11,557 votes (6.9%).

“Baltimore, our city has voted for a new way forward,” Scott said during a victory speech overnight. “I stand before you tonight, a son of Baltimore, and the next mayor of our great city. I am so proud, energized, and humbled by your belief in me and what we can accomplish together.”

“Thank you, Baltimore. I am ready for what’s next. Our work has just begun,” Scott tweeted.


He said better times are ahead and pledged a transparent administration.

“I am ready to lead this work with focus and determination,” Scott said.

Scott grew up in a family environment in Baltimore’s Park Heights during some of the worst periods in the city’s history.

WATCH: Brandon Scott Declares Victory In Baltimore Mayoral Race

“We were clueless to the fact that we were living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in one of the most dangerous cities in the country,” Scott said in a campaign ad. “Because they showed us we did not have settle for that.”

Scott was first elected a Baltimore City Councilman at the age of 27. He was later elected President of Baltimore City Council in May 2019 after Jack Young replaced former Mayor Catherine Pugh in the wake of her book deal scandal.


He is recognized for his work in public safety, neighborhood revitalization and public education.

Scott said during his campaign he believes it is his generation’s time to “take the mantle, take the baton and take it across the finish line.”

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  1. #BlueLIvesMatter says:

    Well looks the idiots voted again for the same corrupt democratic trash! NO change for violent drug infested Baltimore! Enjoy your ghettos you sure deserve them! No surprise….

  2. Me says:

    No changes for Baltimore, they went from really bad to take a bulldozer to the violent decaying wasteland, they will ALL be in jail within two years like all the other corrupt democrats in city hall. You have to laugh at their blind stupidity!

  3. Joe G says:

    We’ll see how committed he is to changing Baltimore( with his new ‘do and all)…..his first order of business should be to launch an investigation into his newly elected City Council Pres , Mosby( another crook elected by the sheep of Baltimore, simply because he looks like them). Time will tell if he’s just another corrupt City leader who will try to make a career out of his lies and promises.

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