By Marty Bass

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That is normally my tongue in cheek headline for a Friday but today we are all business.

Snow IS coming at the end of the weekend and now that weather event is looking pretty impressive.

The GFS weather model, the Global Forecast System which updates every 6 hours, made a noticeable change in our expected snowfall totals as we were on the air this morning.

Maryland Weather: Snowfall Possible Between Sunday Morning, Monday Night

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For instance in Baltimore the GFS upped the total from 7 inches to 9 inches. It moved totals North and West up to 12 inches in some spots from the previous outlook of 8 inches. Even Ocean City will see an inch, or so, of snow with this latest GFS update. All this tells me the storm is forecast to slow up, and intensify just a bit more. (That accounts for the snowfall adjustment up

If I have a fear about this it is not in the accuracy of the prediction, it is that another change comes our way. The next 24 hours will tell.

We have had little piddly snowfalls in the past couple of years but this would be more of a snow event. As I blogged about earlier this week, this is just what we do not need while trying to vaccinate a pandemic out of existence. The snow is going to fall, at this point no more additional accumulation, than what is predicted, will help in the clean-up. And getting the shot process back on 100% track.

We will get you any update as SOON as they happen.

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