By Rachel Menitoff

TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ) — A woman’s emotional plea to drivers is catching attention on social media after her windshield was shattered by ice that fell off another vehicle.

Amanda Rispoli was driving to work Saturday on Interstate 695 near Timonium when a chunk of ice came off the roof of the SUV in front of her. There was no room for her to maneuver, she recalled.

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“I just kind of held the steering wheel with my left hand and braced over my face with my right arm knowing that glass was probably going to break,” Rispoli said.

The ice shattered her windshield, leading Rispoli to post a warning on Facebook for other drivers. She urged others to make sure they clear all ice and snow from their vehicles — not just the windows — before hitting the road.

The post has since seen more than 1,000 shares.

“The ice on your car can actually potentially kill somebody else just because you didn’t take a few extra minutes to clean it off, so that was my motivation,” she said.

State police gave a similar warning, telling drivers to remove the top layer of snow from vehicles. Tractor-trailers in particular can carry a lot of extra snow, which can be a hazard.

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“The other problem is when people are swerving to avoid this, you know, then you can have a problem running into another vehicle, going off the side of the road,” state police spokesperson Brenda Carl said.

On Friday, a driver was injured when their vehicle was hit by ice on the Bay Bridge. It’s unclear if the ice came from another vehicle or if it fell from the bridge itself.

Rispoli, a single mom, was not hurt. She said her children were top of mind when the incident happened.

“The ice on your car could take the life of someone else’s family member… so just take those few extra minutes because it could cause somebody their life,” she said.

Rispoli said she’s not sure if the SUV’s driver even realized the damage they caused.

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Rachel Menitoff