BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One man was killed and a woman was injured after being shot by a security guard, following an altercation inside a busy supermarket in Northwest Baltimore.

Baltimore City Police were called to Giant Food Supermarket in Reisterstown Plaza on Tuesday after they said a security guard shot a man and woman inside following an argument. The man later died at the hospital and the woman was transported for a gunshot wound to her hand.

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The mayor’s mother was working in the deli department when shots rang out.

“Mom was a little shaken yesterday but she’s a Park Heights girl so she’s tough. She’s back at work today,” Mayor Brandon Scott said.

Even she isn’t immune to the trauma of Baltimore City violence. “No one is removed from the impacts of violence,” Scott added.

Mayor Scott worked in the produce section at the Giant in Reisterstown Plaza from 2001 to 2002 before going off to college. He knows people who were inside the store during the shooting Tuesday afternoon.

READ MORE: Man Killed, Woman Injured In Double Shooting At Giant Food At Reisterstown Road Plaza

“These are folks not just my mom but folks I worked with personally when I worked at the Giant on Reisterstown Road,” Scott said.

For shoppers, everything seems normal except for the activity of other guards. “I seen the security guard walking around looking at people walking back and forth,” one shopper said.

Police are not releasing any additional information because the investigation is still very active, but for community activists, youth program organizers, pastors and faith leaders, it’s time for big changes.

“I don’t have all the answers but each and every one of us who make up a part of the answer have a part of the solution and when we come together we make up that whole,” Melvin Russell said.

A group of activists plans to create a “people’s plan” for attacking the crime problem in Charm City. They plan to meet with the mayor and police commissioner in the coming weeks.

Rachael Cardin