By Marty Bass

Hi everyone!

I wish I could tell you the forecast for today has changed since Bob Turk’s blog this morning. It has not. And now with cameras in place along the Bay we are already seeing flooding well before high tide in Annapolis due to wind-driven water. High tide at the Annapolis city dock is around noon. As we move through the day, and the high tide moves up the Bay, we are anticipating problems with not only the tide itself but winds pushing water toward the Western Shore. High tide in Eastern Baltimore County is just after 2 p.m., in Harford County near Havre de Grace the tide goes high near 5:30 p.m.

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Inland, the ground is still saturated from the couple of inches of rain earlier in the week. Add to that area-wide strong, gusty winds and you have problems with trees uprooting. Not to mention branches and limbs being pulled down by the leaves, still on them resisting that wind. Bare branches would be the best case scenario.

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I want you to figure that rain will be an issue through an early bed time. Wind an issue into Saturday morning.

Today’s high will be a slightly cooler than average 62°.

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– MB