There are two sides to the “post-game Bernie Dance unsportsmanlike-conduct” deal.

However, here is ONE side.  From the coach of Dulaney who called into the Norris & Davis Show this morning.

And, the OTHER side of the story.  Perry Hall coach Pete Eibner called the show shortly after to explain:

UPDATE: Perry Hall Principal reverses decision: COVERAGE HERE

Watch “The Bernie.”


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  1. kristen young says:

    Ray Rice did this ‘dance’ when he got a touchdown against the Steelers and no one made a big deal to him. It’s not like they were being nasty or crude or hurting anyone, its tradition to do a dance when you get a touchdown or goal, these boys had every right to dance and be excited!

  2. Mattingly says:

    I go to Dulaney and was in the front row of the Dulaney stands. However I am friends with some of the boys on the Perry Hall team as well. What happened after the game, Is that the goal was scored, a player on Perry Hall (not the player who scored) ran along the sidelines and was taunting our boys team on the bench. Then two minutes later the game had ended, and ALL of the Perry Hall boys team ran over, right in front of the Dulaney fans, and did the Bernie. I don’t believe they should be disqualified but i think they could have done it infront of their own fans.

  3. Jovita McNair says:

    In response to the coach’s statement: “two minutes later all 25 boys went over to our fans, and did the Bernie dance”. That is an outright lie! I am a mother of one of the varsity players and my son, as 1/2 of our team, did NOT do the Bernie dance! Please, before making statements, check the facts. I am a parent who does not sit in the stands, I stand up the entire game and I was in between both stands. ALL boys from Perry Hall did NOT do it! I agree that it is not the most Kosher thing to do and I think the boys have learned a lesson. The parents from Dulaney did over react. I waited and advised my son not to say one word to the parents if he was commented to. One of the parents, right beside me, said they were pelvic thrusting! I don’t know about you, but I think that we can all distinguish a pelvic thrust versus the dance that took place. Please… Look up the actual footage and one can clearly see that not all 25 players were involved and no pelvic thrusting took place. I just want to put that on the record. It’s all on tape!

  4. CHUCK HUETER says:


  5. Leah says:

    Dulaney’s coach is an idiot!! YOU LOST….GET OVER IT!!

  6. unreal says:

    Tana is a liar and has always been a liar and a cheat.

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