The week two X the Ravens now have in the L column has to be put aside but also learned from quickly. Week three is smack in the middle of the first four game set in 18 days. Got to move and fix on the fly.

Here is the simple bottom line about the loss to Philly. Each part was just a touch off. A touch of the defense wasn’t their, touch play calling, touch o-line etc etc. The refs are a complete joke (see my previous post) but they weren’t the full reason for the loss. It was a team loss, could have been avoided in many ways and it wasn’t. Next, how to find flow and rhythm offensively while finding ways to get at opposing quarterbacks. Long season ahead, tough season ahead. Good news is this team is good enough to be in every game. It’s a long road.

Post week two is too early to panic considering the change from 2011. Time to attack the Pats on the outsides and watch the quicks from Brady… plus a bunch of other football stuff I probably don’t understand… Week three, Sunday night Primetime NBC TV, bright lights will be shining! Oh yeah. AFC Championship from last season (had to be mentioned, come on).

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