Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

October 16, 2012 6:00 AM

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While there are hundreds of whitening treatments available over-the-counter, do not be fooled as many are ineffective and will not produce the desired results. So treat yourself to a pearly white smile that will not only greatly improve self-confidence, but your overall happiness. After all, you’ll be smiling a lot more too.
teethwhitening Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

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The Smile Design Center

2324 W. Joppa Rd., Suite 110
Lutherville, Md. 21093
(443) 798-3498

Price: $450

The Smile Design Center of Dr. Myron Kellner is well-known for producing amazing whitening results with reduced sensitivity side effects by using a simple, non-invasive procedure called Zoom Advanced. While one of the more expensive methods on the market, this treatment combines advanced dental technology with a safe, proven chemical formula making teeth whitening both fast and effective. The Zoom Advanced procedure is performed in just one visit and typically involves three applications of the gel bleaching agent followed by a special light exposure that will dramatically whiten teeth by up to eight shades. With simple post-whitening care like brushing twice daily and flossing, your teeth will always remain lighter than prior to the treatment. Touch-ups with Zoom Weekender or Nite White gel can also help retain the beauty of your smile for the long-term.

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ultraviolet uv teeth whitening Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

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Baltimore Cosmetic Laser Center

405 Frederick Rd., Suite 1
Catonsville, Md. 21228
(410)455-6196 Ext. 1

Price: $149

For those with a fear of dentists, the Baltimore Cosmetic Laser Center offers a laser teeth whitening service that takes only 20 minutes and can whiten smiles by up to 10 shades. Their proven formula is made up of a 30 percent carbamide peroxide solution-– the most effective whitening product available that doesn’t require a licensed professional (i.e. dentist) to administer. The procedure is also simple enough in that the solution is applied to your teeth and then a laser is safely directed onto the teeth. While the use of UV lights can burn your gums, this treatment has no risk of dangerous UV waves. Minor side effects range from teeth sensitivity to tingling or blanching of the gum, but all of which usually go away within a short time after the procedure.

dentist Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

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Smile Baltimore

Sarubin Family Dental Associates
3110 Lord Baltimore Dr., Suite 100
Baltimore, Md. 21244

Price: Call for new patient rates.

With a safe, quick and inexpensive bleaching procedure, Smile Baltimore can restore a beautiful smile. Choose to lighten only the upper teeth or get the full package, and a set of custom bleach splints will be prepared within a day or two for pick-up. This whitening method requires applying a special bleaching agent to the clear mouthguard and wearing it for 3-4 hours each day. After a week or two, significant and brilliant whitening will occur. Due to the time involved with Smile Baltimore’s treatment, this whitening option is best for those not seeking immediate or same-day results. Nonetheless, this is a near-permanent solution for smiles of any age.

dentist1 Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

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Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry

27 South Patterson Park Avenue
Baltimore, Md. 21231

Price: $295 (This is a special offer available to new patients for a limited time. The usual cost is $695.)

Delivering beautiful, natural smiles in just one hour, Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry utilizes the Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening system. Prior to this in-office procedure, Dr. Ed Lazer provides Tres White custom-fitted pre-whitening trays, which are used for 7-10 days to get a jump-start on treating more severe stains. Although the habits of each individual will affect long-term results, particularly with heavy use of tobacco products, coffee, tea or soft drinks, patients can expect whitening of up to 10 shades with this method. Special pastes are applied to teeth and gums after the final whitening treatment to help minimize tooth sensitivity. However, you can rest assured that any discomfort generally subsides within one to three days.

dentist2 Best Places For Teeth Whitening In Baltimore

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All Smiles Care

1758 Baltimore Blvd.
Westminster, Md. 21157

Price: Varies depending on treatment. Call for pricing.

Can’t decide which treatment is best for your smile? All Smiles Care takes pride on serving the greater Baltimore area with the best of both worlds: improve your smile instantly in-office or over time with an at-home bleaching kit. Both options are safe, effective and affordable, however in-office whitening uses a more potent whitening solution that leaves teeth seven to 12 shades whiter than before, plus with the added bonus of significantly less wait time.  Dr. Gary Imm and his staff will work with you to determine which whitening procedure best suits your needs, but no matter your decision, you’re guaranteed a brighter, whiter smile that will prove difficult not to show off.

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