BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  The Baltimore Ravens’ training camp began earlier this week without quarterback Joe Flacco, who is out with a back injury.

Ryan Mallett is the team’s No. 2 quarterback but there was speculation that the Ravens could also be interested in Colin Kaepernick. Coach John Harbaugh told reporters Thursday afternoon that he “wouldn’t rule out” signing Kaepernick with Flacco sidelined for an indefinite period.

Joe Flacco responded to the chatter at a Friday press conference, telling reporters he doesn’t much like the idea.

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Flacco said:

“We need an extra arm in here right now and Colin’s a guy who is out there. If I’m him, I wanna play football right now. I know that we need an arm and who knows what John and all the upstairs guys are thinking at this point. I think at this point I’m really open to anything. You can do whatever you want at this position cause I feel like I’m the quarterback and it doesn’t really matter. I’d like to see Colin get back in and at some point get another shot, I wouldn’t like that to be here, I don’t want him to get another shot here. But he can come here and have some fun, I think it’ll be a good spot for him.”


The team has Ryan Mallett and Dustin Vaughan on the roster as backup, and very recently added former Clemson quarterback David Olson. Olson played for head coach John Harbaugh’s brother Jim at Stanford before transferring to Clemson. He most recently played for the Kansas City Phantoms of the Champions Indoor Football league.

With three potential back ups, do the Ravens really need to consider Kaepernick?

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Kaepernick went 1-10 as a starter in San Francisco last year with 2,241 passing yards, 16 passing touchdowns and four interceptions. He also ran for 468 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

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Comments (7)
  1. I guess John thinks Hanoi Jane a hero also when you get rid of Harbaugh put my money back in Ravens.

  2. If Kaepernick becomes a Baltimore Raven, I’m trading my Raven Jersey for a Steeler Jersey.

  3. Flacco is Mediocre. He has a few good years but now he’s “replaceable”. He’s acting like he’s Big Ben or someone who’s really good.

  4. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Colin Kaepernick

    $10M slave wages per year and a the chance to make millions extra selling “Kill the Pigs” Tshirts

  5. Gene Rey says:

    Kaepernick made his bed & now he needs to find a job somewhere flipping ‘burgers somewhere. Better yet, since he hates America, he can tryout for the CFL and play along Michael Sam. He isn’t any good at football anyway.

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