BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore has had a violent holiday weekend.

It’s seen three quadruple shootings in a matter of a just a few days, with two people killed- and dozens more are now in the hospital recovering from their injuries.

The first of the three quadruple shootings was Thursday when four people were shot on East Monument Street- including 16-year-old Milton Carrington who died at the hospital.

A local activist who knew Milton tweeted, “Every Saturday, Milton was one of the first kids from Monument Street ready to work and clean up the neighborhood in our Bmore Beautiful Program,”


On Friday, four more people became victims of gun violence. A woman was killed inside a home on East 29th in Northeast Baltimore.

And again on Saturday night, police responded to the 900 block of North Monroe where four males, including two teens were shot. Three of them were shot in their legs and one was shot in his chest.

“I hear about this stuff every day, so my initial reaction was like, again, for real?” said Tyler Neal.

Neal is the manager at the hardware store right across the street from Saturday’s quadruple shooting.

“I just wish everybody could see the harm that guns do to people,” Neal said.

Several parents said they are concerned about their kids who walk this route to get to school every day.

“I hope and pray to God that it gets better if not for nothing, at least for these children,” A mother said.

The victims in this latest shooting range in age from 15-23.

Carlton Morehead- who lives close by- said he believes one solution to the violence is to transform these empty parking lots into youth recreational centers.

“Get that one kid that’s respected, give him a job, and I bet you the neighborhood will be much better,” Morehead said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Baltimore Police or submit anonymous tips by calling 1-866-7LOCK UP.

Rachel Menitoff


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