By Max McGee

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As Labor Day weekend comes to a close, Baltimore City is preparing for the start of a new year. Thousands of kids will be going back to school on Tuesday.

With school buses and young children once again taking to the streets in the morning and afternoon, state transportation officials are reminding drivers to proceed with caution.

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When approaching a stopped school bus with its stop sign deployed, drivers in both directions must stop unless the road is separated by a median. If the road has a median, only vehicles on the same side of the road need to stop.

Not stopping for a school bus can cost up to $70 and three points from a driver’s license.

Officials said drivers should expect busy intersections and give themselves extra time to get to their destination.


More than 230 crossing guards will also take to the streets Tuesday to help the kids get to their first school day safely.

In Woodlawn, the preparations for a new year continue. Paul’s Beauty Warehouse and the Outreach Ministry of Family Life Global Ministries gave free haircuts and hairstyles to kids in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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“I thank God for it because there’s a lot of kid parents out here who are less fortunate, a lot of parents who are unable to get their kids’ hair done so I think it’s truly a blessing,” said mother of five Marilice Westry.

Some kids said they’re looking forward to going back to class, though their reasons varied.

“Gym because gym is the funnest place and math is fun,” said nine-year-old Zyien Epps.

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Alorah Epps said she’s glad to have some time away from her family.

“Mommy fusses a lot. Mommy isn’t harsh at all, but Mommy could get on my nerves sometimes,” she said.

Epps’ mom, Sheree Garner, is also looking forward to some alone time.

“I feel like she did not give me much of a break this summer, so I’m glad she’s going back,” Garner said.

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Statewide, more than 900,000 students are set to return to class Tuesday.