By Kelsey Kushner

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Information about the new coronavirus is everywhere and it can be overwhelming.

Get up, get exercise, read a book, do something that takes your mind off of the “what ifs” and focus on what you can control.

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And what you can control — we’ve heard over and over — wash your hands, stand six feet apart from others and stay inside to stop the outbreak.


“They are afraid, it’s a scary time but we’re trying to limit the scare where the fear doesn’t paralyze,” said Dr. Jemima Kankam, a psychiatrist at MedStar Harbor Hospital.

The fear is felt worldwide, and in the United States, airports are deserted, gyms locked up, bars and restaurants are switching to carry-out only, and grocery stores are left bare.

“I’ve been working from home so I think just staying occupied really helps,” one Baltimore resident said.

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It’s a new normal that can be difficult to cope with. Doctors said the key is to find balance and get into a routine.

“Just because we’re home and we have all the time on our hands, you want to have structure, get up in the morning and if you can, don’t be in your nightgown all day long,” Dr. Kankam said.

She said to turn off your TV and instead read a book, go for a walk, exercise or call loved ones.

“We’re trying to get people off electronics, play games, play cards, try to get away from the media because it is a little much,” McMahon said.

Doctors also said it is important for people to talk to their children about what is going on to help them process information. They also suggest making gratitude lists, writing down anything you are grateful for to remind yourself what you have.

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For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

Kelsey Kushner