BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon is running to become the future mayor of the city yet again.

There’s no doubt that Dixon has name recognition. She is the only candidate in the field who has been elected mayor, winning in 2007, but it was short-termed by a gift card scandal that forced her out of office.

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“I know I’m going to have to gain peoples’ trust back and I’m going to have to work three times harder in order to do that,” Dixon told WJZ.


Her success record in office includes bringing down the murder rate and managing the city through a recession.

“How we were able to get out of that recession and how I was able to do so much more with greater results in reducing crime, with cleaning up the city, with providing quality services and putting money in the schools,” Dixon said. “How if I had the money that was in the city for the last six, seven years, I could have done even more.”

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Dixon said she believes she has a proven track record and motivation that voters can rely on.

“That’s why I’m rolling up my sleeves for this last time and putting my head in,” Dixon said. “If it’s God’s will and the voters will that I’ll get in there, I’ll work with young people to get them to understand how it really works. Now it’s crucial more than ever.”

Dixon led the pack in an early March poll, but there have been other leaders in other polls.

“It’s a close race,” she said. “There’s still a percentage that’s been consistent of undecided voters. My goal is: Let’s get people when they get the ballot on the 8th to fill it out and get them in the mail. Yes we have June 2, but let’s get that done before June 2.”

And as is often said – the only poll that counts are the voters on election day. In this case, that poll will mostly be by mail. You’ll be getting that ballot soon.

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