ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s approval rating has surged amid the coronavirus, a new Gonzales poll released Tuesday found.

The poll, which included 810 registered voters who are likely to vote in the fall, showed Hogan’s approval rating to be 78 percent, up eight percent from a poll released in early March.

The Republican governor’s approval rating was higher among Democrats than among members of his own party: 82 percent of Democrats, 74 percent of independents and 71 percent of Republicans thought Hogan was doing a good job.

Hogan has been one of the country’s most popular governors in multiple polls; a Morning Consult survey released in January found he had the second-highest approval rating of any U.S. governor.


At the federal level, President Donald Trump’s approval rating sunk two points to 40 percent while his disapproval rating climbed three points to 58 percent.

As the 2020 presidential election looms, the president trails presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 24 points, the poll found.

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  1. Frank says:

    The most ass backwards poll. You polled how a Republican President is doing in the eyes of a Democrat state. Your reporters should go back to college.

  2. Shelly Long says:

    So, they polled 810 registered voters and Trump only lost 2 points. Trump will be your president in 2020 no matter how much these phony polls manipulate and brainwash the sheep. The only reason that Maryland will vote for senile Biden is they are hooked on the government checks.

  3. carla says:

    What in the heck is a Gonzales poll anyway? No, Trump has a solid 40% all the time, and the Independents make up 20% so the only ones that will always vote against him are the brainwashed anti Trump Democrats who will never hear the truth from CNN, and CBS and such. Just like the election, the media is totally ignorant of truth. They created their own polls last time and they are still doing it.

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