BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police have released body-worn camera footage of the now-viral video of an officer striking a woman after she struck another officer twice.

Now, we’re seeing how the encounter started from Sergeant Greig Higley’s body-worn camera.


Police said several officers working to direct traffic downtown on May 29, noticed a vehicle driving erratically in the area near Baltimore and Gay streets around 10:30 p.m.

Sgt. Graig Higley saw a vehicle coming towards him and then driving through a closed intersection with a red light, police said.

The video shows the driver then makes a U-turn toward Sgt. Higley, who then orders the woman out of the car with his gun drawn. When she exits, she allegedly engages with officers and Sgt. Higley makes the decision to take her into custody.

She then sits in the street as officers call for backup, but then stands up.

The woman starts yelling, “Don’t touch me” and “I feel attacked,” but no one is seen touching her.

“If you don’t violate my rights, I won’t violate yours,” she says to Higley.

“You tried to run me over,” he says.

“You were in the way,” she argues.

“It was blocked,” Higley says, referring to the closed street.

“You’re stupid, don’t talk to me,” the woman tells the officer.

As Higley tries to take her into custody, the video shows her strike him in the face — twice.

Officer Terry Love, who was assisting Higley, strikes the woman in the face. She falls to the ground.

In the video, people nearby start screaming at the officers.

She was arrested and taken to an area hospital for an emergency petition and medical treatment.

Commissioner Michael Harrison viewed the video on May 29 and ordered an immediate investigation. At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, he said he couldn’t comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau of Public Integrity Bureau has directed a full review and has suspended the officer’s police powers during the investigations. At this time the PIB investigation is still ongoing.

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said the officer’s actions don’t rise to the level that he should face charges.

Baltimore Police Officer Seen On Video Striking Woman After She Hit Another Officer Won’t Face Charges

The city state’s attorney’s office will not be filing charges against Officer Love and issued the following statement to WJZ:

“We have completed a thorough review of this unfortunate incident, and while we strongly disagree with the action the Officer took, it does not rise to the level of illegality. The Officer had other options he could have pursued to de-escalate the situation rather than striking the woman with a closed fist, and we recommend that BPD review this officer’s conduct in the immediate instance, consider his past record of conduct, and take appropriate internal action.”

(The video can be seen here; viewer discretion is advised)

Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross is a criminologist with the University of Baltimore. He reviewed the limited body-worn camera video.

“The woman appeared distraught—perhaps disoriented— and the police officers seemed to handle the situation to the best of their ability,” Ross said. “These are tough situations for police officers. I’m not in any shape or manner trying to give them a pass, but they needed to bring the situation under control. It could have been dangerous to the officers and the woman who was taken under arrest.”

The video, which circulated on social media and drew criticism from some city leaders, showed the woman hit a police officer in the head downtown Friday night. When she went to swing again, the video showed the second officer hit her in the throat, knocking her to the ground.

‘Deeply Disturbing’: Baltimore Police Investigating Altercation Between Woman, Officers Caught On Camera

City Council President and mayoral candidate Brandon Scott called the officer’s actions “unacceptable,” and Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young called it “deeply disturbing.”

The police union said the “officer was protecting his colleague from further attack. Escalation only occurred after the female attacker continued the assault.”

Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon is representing the woman and told WJZ he will be reviewing the body-worn camera video. He had no further comment at this point.

Although charges won’t be filed, the officer could face other disciplinary actions.

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  1. Dawn K says:

    Don’t hit a police officer and you won’t get hit back.

    1. Democrats Control Baltimore Police says:

      Why does Baltimore keep voting democrat? The last Republican Mayor of Baltimore was in 1967. The last white mayor was Martin O’Malley. The city counsel is democrat and black, the police chief is a democrat and black and has been for many years. The state legislature (both chambers) has been democrat controlled for decades upon decades. Only the governorship has flipped republican a few times and the current Governor is a nevertrumper. Freddie Gray was during the Obama years. Yet everyone I hear in Baltimore blames Trump. Now Baltimore elects former Mayor Dixon. Wake up Baltimore. The media and hollywood are making you sheep to push democratic socialism on you in your sleep.

  2. King Julian says:

    should be no action taken, if they do sick-in and let the mayor figure it out

  3. Bill Smiths says:

    Justified use of force, that woman was high out of her mind and driving around on top of it. Brandon Scott shouldn’t had open his big mouth until he saw the complete video….these cops did nothing wrong.

  4. my turn says:

    They should have tasered her, not punched her & decked her. They were wrong and need to be trained how to subdue someone safely. What she did was wrong and she should 110% be arrested for it, but 2 wrongs don’t make it right. Don’t tell me that many cops could not arrest a fat irate woman w/o punching her. The courts dole out justice not the cops. How can you say she was high, have the drug test results? Maybe the cop was high he should be fired.

    1. King Julian says:

      your turn is over

    2. Steve says:

      Fun fact, tasers are not all that “safe”. Especially to a cow like her, she most likely has an enlarged heart or other medical issues due to morbid obesity and a taser could be fatal.

  5. Charlie Valentine says:

    The officer that punched her stooped to her tactics & that was wrong. They do not need to assault people to arrest them. Police are supposed to be trained to safely subdue people- we have all this unrest now because some of them go too far and do not do things right. I am not anti cop at all, but that was a bad cop who went too far. Yeah maybe she had problems but that did not justify punching her as the officer was not in fear of his life.

  6. Charlie Murphy says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with what actions that officer took to subdue the suspect. You answered your own question, Charlie. If the officer was “in fear for his life” better bet his gun would have been drawn based on the Levels of Force permitted.

    What the woman did was assault a police officer, then did it again. The other officer simply removed the threat – if a taser was used, that would have been excessive. He was not in position to spray her with OC; and if a baton was used…HOLY HELL the world would have collapsed.

    Police are taught boxing / combatives in the academy – nothing in their training suggests an “open hand slap”. There is nothing illegal or excessive about a closed fist.

    Should he have just hit her on the arm? Upside the back of the head?

    Shoved her out of the way?

    Politely asked her to stop?

    It was not “assault”, read a book. Learn the Criminal Code.

  7. wrong is wrong except for white folks says:

    BS- they are also taught how to restrain arms and SAFELY take people to the ground. She ABSOLUTELY deserved to be arrested, but not punched. Police are NOT trained to punch people when there are otyher alternatives avai8lable NONE of which were used. You assault a cop you should be arrested but not assaulted. Punching someone absolutely is assault and kneeling on their neck til they die is absolutely murder.

    It’s just racism, she was black and just read comments that means she wasa cow high on crack & deserved it because she dared to hit a white cop. Whites will; be a mionority in another 20 years or so and paybacks are heII

    1. Just wanted to say says:

      I like how your name is wrong is wrong except for white folks and then you said Whites will; be a mionority in another 20 years or so and paybacks are heII…..yea great way to go man….you really made your point there….

    2. King Julian says:

      then it was black on black racism as the officer that hit her was black, the cops did nothing wrong. obviously you are the racist with your comment about paybacks.

    3. davidpun says:

      Looks to me like the “Boys-in-Blue” culture at work again. You hit one of ours and we will teach you a lesson….. and there is nothing you will be able to do to stop us! In the vast majority of cases the individual cops are good people, but there is something very wrong with that fraternity culture. I cannot believe these police officers have not been trained to effectively subdue a person like this woman in a more professional manner.

      1. BigBlue56 says:

        And I can’t believe that this woman has not been trained to act in a civilized manner when out in society.
        I do agree that there are other means to subdue someone who is belligerent that may have been a better option. But I am sure the cops do not want to be wrestling a morbidly obese person to the ground where they would have to be on top of her for even but a moment considering where we find ourselves today.
        All the good police officers are now in an untenable position. I would not want to earn my living that way.

  8. Linda Darlene Gilbertson says:

    Good. I’m glad he knocked, on her ass. Kudos to the Police Officer.

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