BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been a violent week in Baltimore. As of Monday morning, 50 people were shot and 15 of those victims died since last Sunday.

New numbers released early Monday accounted for three additional shootings that happened overnight.

At 11:03 p.m. Sunday officers were called to Federal Hill Park in the 300 block of Warren Avenue for a report of gunshots being heard in the area. When they arrived, they found 39-year-old Melvin Thompson with gunshot wounds to his body. He later died at the hospital.

VIDEO: Man Fatally Shot In Federal Hill Park Sunday Night

Officers were then called to the 700 block of Bartlett Avenue for a ShotSpotter alert around 12:14 a.m. Monday. There they found a shooting victim in the 2300 block of Homewood Avenue. The victim, 52 year-old Vincent McCoy, was found inside a car that was involved in a crash. He was taken to area hospital where he died from his injuries.

Then around 3:35 a.m., officers were called to the 2000 block of Griffis Avenue for a report of a shooting. When officers arrived, they found an 18-year-old man with gunshot wounds to his body. The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

These are the latest shootings in a string of violence over the week.

In northeast Baltimore, officers arrived to find two women suffering from gunshot wounds Saturday evening. A suspect surrendered moments later.

Detectives arrested 24-year-old Dandre Woods-Bethel, now he is facing murder, assault and weapons charges.

The victims, a 46-year-old and a 23-year-old, both died from their injuries.

24-Year-Old Man Dandre Woods-Bethel Charged In NE Baltimore Double Homicide

On Friday, a 14-year-old was shot in the Coldstream-Homestead Montebello community. The teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police found a gun on the victim.

“It makes me sad,” said Mark Washington, with Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello Community Corp.

Washington wrote a letter to the police asking for help.

“Any loss of life is tragic, but the loss of a child to the violence of the streets of Baltimore is a call to our community to try and redouble and triple our efforts to do more,” he said.

Others injured include a 26-year-old shot in his back, an 18-year-old shot in his stomach and a 25-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his leg.

On Saturday morning in the 1700 block of West North Avenue, two more shooting victims — one man dead and a 30-year-old woman being treated at the hospital.

The violence began during Labor Day weekend.

Baltimore City’s police union tweeted again Monday saying the city is in crisis.

“In the last 10 days there have been 19 homicides & 43 failed murders (shootings) in Baltimore. Also there have been many stabbings/cuttings,” the FOP tweeted. “There is no discernible crime plan for the daily violence and the BPD is making no progress in filling the 500 vacancies.”

“The fact that it happens far too often in Baltimore City suggests that we as a community, as a city, are not doing enough,” Washington said.

Police also said a 27-year-old man shot in the 1000 block of Beaumont Avenue died two days later from his injuries, which brought the fatality total to 15.

This story was originally published on Monday, September 14, 2020. 

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