BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Ravens held on long enough to win 30-28 against the Eagles Sunday.

There’s some other things they can celebrate too — like being the only team to score in every quarter of their games in 2020.

The Ravens have the largest point differential in the NFL right now.

Coming into Sunday’s game against the Eagles, the Ravens were +73, according to WJZ’s Mark Viviano.


Although CBS Sports initially said Baltimore held the longest streak in NFL history for touchdowns in straight halves, it was later found that the announcer misspoke. The Ravens have scored at least one touchdown in 100 straight halves, except during the Oct. 7, 2018 game against the Cleveland Browns.

Baltimore is now 5-1 this season.

Correction: The Ravens don’t have the longest streak in the NFL history for touchdowns in straight halves.



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