ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland adds 2,018 coronavirus cases overnight as hospitalizations continue to rise this week.

LATEST: Maryland Sets Record For Highest Single-Day Number Of New Cases With 2,910 Reported

This marks the third day of over 2,000 cases in 24 hours since the pandemic began.

Ninety-eight more people have been hospitalized for the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,144. Of those hospitalized, 270 are in ICU beds, up 15 since Tuesday; there are 874 in acute care.

It’s the highest level of ICU hospitalizations since June 17, Gov. Hogan said Wednesday morning.

Fifteen more Marylanders have died since Tuesday from the virus, state data shows.

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The state’s calculation of its positivity rate stayed flat Wednesday, going from 6.85% to 6.82%.

In the last 24 hours, 31,801 more coronavirus tests have been administered.


By County

County Cases Deaths
Allegany 1,889 (39)
Anne Arundel 14,660 (276) 12*
Baltimore City 21,409 (513) 19*
Baltimore County 25,253 (674) 24*
Calvert 1,402 (30) 1*
Caroline 825 (9)
Carroll 2,845 (129) 3*
Cecil 1,694 (36) 1*
Charles 3,831 (102) 2*
Dorchester 919 (14)
Frederick 5,778 (134) 8*
Garrett 366 (1)
Harford 4,959 (84) 4*
Howard 7,005 (126) 6*
Kent 377 (24) 2*
Montgomery 29,833 (875) 41*
Prince George’s 37,184 (875) 24*
Queen Anne’s 946 (26) 1*
St. Mary’s 1,786 (60)
Somerset 584 (8)
Talbot 723 (7)
Washington 3,187 (55)
Wicomico 2,992 (55)
Worcester 1,376 (32) 1*
Data not available (17) 1*

By Age Range and Gender

Age/Gender Cases Deaths
0-9 6,944
10-19 15,221 (3)
20-29 32,786 (26) 1*
30-39 30,859 (53) 6*
40-49 27,146 (137) 3*
50-59 25,229 (346) 16*
60-69 16,782 (679) 14*
70-79 9,676 (1,047) 29*
80+ 7,180 (1,908) 81*
Data not available (2)
Female 90,376 (2,054) 76*
Male 81,447 (2,147) 74*

By Race and Ethnicity

Race/Ethnicity Cases Deaths
African-American (NH) 51,959 (1,687) 56*
Asian (NH) 3,333 (155) 6*
White (NH) 49,109 (1,814) 74*
Hispanic 34,622 (472) 13*
Other (NH) 7,964 (48)
Data not available 24,836 (25) 1*

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. Slinky says:

    Just remember that an empty ICU bed generates zero revenue.

  2. Stephan H. Luethy says:

    Cases, who cares about cases? Deaths is the only metric that matters, and what they die of is important, remember only 6% of people reported have died of COVID 19 (CDC). More have died with influenza.
    The PCR test that is being used can be manipulated to achieve false positives very easily. When there is no standard and no reporting on what the test is doing, like testing a pawpaw fruit positive, then the media is not doing their job, thereby becoming an enemy of the people and not deserving of their 1st amendment protections.

  3. Terry says:

    Covid has killed more people this year than the generic flu. There is a vaccine for the flu & it has a lower mortality rate than COVID. It is harder to spread it as well. Living thru COVID does not mean a full recovery, some suffer long haul syndrome or have long term side effects of lung damage, fatigue, persistent coughs and so on. The fact is we do not know yet about long term effects and damage as there is nobody around who had it a long time ago. This is a new disease, they are still making advancements in testing & treatment. Exactly how can I manipulate my test results??? To what advantage are “false positives” or false negatives? Covid is not like a false pregnancy test. Testing does not cause people to die. Not testing does as positive people can spread it not knowing they have it. Tests results are reported to the CDC, they are doing their best to develop fast reliable tests. The media neither caused Covid nor can they cure it. Most media outlets release information from reliable sources such a the CDC, doctors, hospitals etc. If you want bogus information on Covid, then listen to Trump- that impeached one term idiot who lost reelection in a landslide and still has no proof there was anything wrong w/ the election.

    Just remember, no available ICU beds generate deaths. Most hospitals are not for profits.

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