TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — The end of Maryland’s State of Emergency means the end of to-go cocktails in many jurisdictions.

A law signed earlier this year, gave local liquor boards the authority in their respective jurisdictions to extend to-go cocktails. It was a popular option that many bars and restaurants offered during the pandemic.

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“It’s important for restaurants, clubs, bars to really take advantage of these additional, alternative options because customers want them. And, I enjoyed it,” said Brian Olds.

Baltimore City’s Board of Liquor License Commissioners will meet this fall to review its rules and regulations. The board’s executive secretary said it will take on the issue then and look forward to hearing the public’s input.

The Board of Liquor License Commissioners is scheduled to meet on July 12 to decide on re-launching to-go drinks. Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski indicated that he supports the county liquor board to allow for to-go cocktails to continue.

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“We know for sure this has been a benefit to our bar and restaurant industry,” Olszewski said. “Because the law gives us an opportunity to continue it, we think it’s a common-sense approach that allows some flexibility.”

Nacho Mama’s Towson manager Tanisha Purnell said to-go cocktails made up a good portion of sales during the back-and-forth phases of openings throughout the past 14 months.

“Last year, business was sometimes open, sometimes closed, nonexistent,” Purnell said. “We did actually have a lady who was trying to take a jug of margarita mix to the cookout and now she has to come up with something else or learn how to make margaritas.”

Anne Arundel County Liquor Board Executive Director Judy Hagner said it is moving forward with to-go cocktails. Bars and restaurants in the county can submit paperwork now with the board.

Paul Gessler