Welcome to the Voice Of The FAN Blog, where your friendly neighborhood web guy reports on the issues people in Baltimore are talking about…and maybe more importantly, typing about – on Facebook, Twitter, texts messages, the comments on this very web site and yes, the occasional note tied around a brick & heaved through the window here at the 105.7 The FAN broadcasting complex. In other words: what YOU actually think.

Here’s the biggest sports stories of last week & the most salient comments from the Fans made on our social media accounts:

The US defeated Ghana Monday & Facebook & Twitter Exploded

450721026 8 Voice Of The Fan: Top Sports Stories Of The Week Of June 16, 2014

(Photo credit: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

105.7 The Fan Facebook:
Photos from the U.S. team’s 2-1 victory over Ghana ‪#‎worldcup‬ …and there are pictures from the game too!

Facebook User Wranzel J. said: “Put her at every soccer game, American men may start to watch”

A lot of the fans of the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL in the USA love to NOT love soccer, but c’mon it’s a great sport & it’s your national team! USA!USA!USA!


RIP to one of the All Time Greats! Tony Gwynn passed away Monday evening

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

105.7 The Fan Facebook: ‎MLB‬ is in mourning today. How will you remember Tony Gwynn?

One of the all time greats & just a plain good guy who went into the HOF with Baltimore’s Cal Ripken

Here’s what some 105.7 The Fan FB users said:

Michael E:  One of the games best hitters and a class act.

Ethan D: Amazing hitter. Great guy. Cool voice.

Bahir M. : class act that was a pitchers worst nightmare….RIP brother!

Linda C: so I wonder if Chris Davis will take note of this! is he going to choose a long life with his new baby girl or will he choose that poison he shoves in his jaw and get 25 years with her if he is lucky!

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make folks realize somethings are dangerous as Linda C. pointed out. Will MLB now ban chewing tobacco? should they?


Ray Rice visits with NFL commish Roger Goodell

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Will Ray Rice ever put this behind him & should he be allowed to? Time will tell, but our Facebook feed got a lot of responses to the question ” what do you predict his punishment will be?”

105.7 The Fan Facebook: After Ray Rice’s visit with the NFL Commish Roger Goodell, what do you predict his punishment will be?

Here’s what some 105.7 The Fan FB users said:

Chris B.: Low end – 6 games. Won’t go any lower for fear of looking weak should the supposed video evidence of him actually striking her surface.

Jake D.: His Punishment Should be up to his wife

Nathan J.: 5 games is Goodell’s wheelhouse.

Cathy M.: He’ll get a raise, a week’s vacation in the commissioner’s Summer home, another free pass for the next time it happens (because it always does) and all the fame, glory and forgiveness he should receive from all of his brainless followers.

Willie M.:  Min suspension 4-6 games ! Nothing good comes from hitting a woman !

Rick P.: this is NO ONES BUSINESS

Maybe Rick P. is right, maybe it’s no one’s business – but sports figures are celebrities & nothing pushes this culture’s opinion machine like a celebrity scandal.


US Patent Office Cancels Redskins Trademarks

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

105.7 The Fan Facebook: What do you make of the US Patent Office’s decision? And do you think this tactic will work?

Here’s what some 105.7 The Fan FB users said:

Kenneth P.: …this is private property being taken away how would you feel if the government came and took something from you because it’s deemed offensive?

Ryan M.: this is 2014, the writing’s on the wall, the issue’s not going away ’til they change the name

Donnie J. this country and its politically correctness is way outta hand! I don’t know which is worse – the Redskins losin their trademarks or Donald Sterling getting railroaded for something he said in the privacy of his own home.

Griff C.: More Government intervention and Political Correctness BS.

Rick N. What about the Cleveland Indians logo ?

Rebecca N.: Naming your sports team after a race of people isn’t racist?

Wow, a real mixed bag of strong opinions. No matter how you feel about it, ultimately this will end up in the courts (as it did previously & was struck down.). Despite the PC comments, a Judge will decide, not politicians grandstanding or citizens complaining  & that’s how Democracy works.

Tale of the tape: Olympics Vs. World Cup

Which quadrennial competition is better: the World Cup or the Olympics?

Which quadrennial competition is better: the World Cup or the Olympics?

…and after that let’s wrap it up like TV does, the beloved end of the newscast fluff piece!

105.7 The Fan Facebook: Which quadrennial sporting event is better? This week’s Tale of the Tape pits the Olympics vs. the World Cup.

Here’s what some 105.7 The Fan FB users said:

Ray W.: You see more in the Olympics, but the adrenaline and national pride comes out more in the World Cup.

Stewart B.: i like them both…but would i would like the Olympics more if all the events were broadcast in real time like the world cup.

Mark C.: World cup by far

Steve L.: World Cup!!

And there’s always one in the crowd, it is Facebook after all….

Dave Z.: How about which is run in a more corrupt manner

The wrap up says it all: It’s a tie (just like half the world cup games). We love showing off our national pride & we love our athletes competing for their nation, let’s just enjoy these historic world events when they come around. ….and eventually the U.S will be good at soccer, right???

So yes, we do read & value your opinions – the full diversity of them – keep commenting & checking out our site & social media pages, because you are the Voice of the Fan!

Until next week!

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