BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Police Department unveiled a new marketing campaign it hopes will help recruit a “significant number” of new officers and reduce crime in the city.

“BE A PART OF THE GREATEST COMEBACK STORY IN AMERICA,” they announced in bold letters Monday.

The department said the campaign is designed to attract a more diverse group of officers from within the city in addition to increased recruiting for its updated cadet program.


A website for the campaign highlights stories from current officers about what drew them to the force and why they felt compelled to serve the community they grew up in.

“It’s more than standing behind a badge; it’s standing up for our city,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a promotional video released as part of the effort. “But injustice, mistrust, fear, these are things we cannot stand for. this is a chance to be a part of the greatest comeback story in America.”

“A Proud New Generation”

Since being sworn in March 12, Harrison has been tasked with righting the ship in the wake of the Gun Trace Task Force scandal in a city where mistrust in police remains high after the 2015 Baltimore uprising.

The push also comes after several high-profile cases of officers appearing to fall asleep on the job, which the police union blamed on overworked officers being asked to work extra shifts because of staffing shortages.

The department said it’s putting a greater emphasis on community engagement and conflict resolution to prevent crimes before they happen.

Staffing shortages are nothing new within the department; in January 2017, the police union called the situation “dire.”

Still, Harrison expressed optimism the effort will make the city safer and reduce the burden on current officers.

In a statement, Mayor Jack Young applauded the campaign, calling it an “innovative” approach to the department’s recruitment woes.

“We need fresh ideas and approaches to solve our current staffing shortage and this new marketing campaign will be an essential piece of our recruitment efforts going forward,” Young said.

The $200,000 campaign is the brainchild of Baltimore-based advertising agency idfive, which beat out proposals from 11 other agencies to tackle the project.

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  1. There is a reason why no one wants to be part of BPD, they sure are not flocking here to join, not even close or the ones leaving in droves…NO one wants to hitch their wagon too or work for this long standing corrupt city democratic government along with the ongoing lack of leadership within this department, not to mention the lack of backing the street level officers have received from the city states attorney and her obvious lack of support to our officers unwilling to prosecute and choosing which laws to uphold on certain cases along with her rush to judgement on the highest profile case this city has seen, BTW ALL officers were cleared of any unlawful wrong doing and charges dropped or dismissed. One thing we sure do not need is more BROKEN PROMISES and RHETORIC from the current democratic leaders we have had a belly full of that and you see what that has got us NO WHERE BUT SPRILING DOWNWARD!!

  2. Only way to fix all the problems.. BIG changes in all city govt leadership from top to bottom it’s obvious they do not have what it takes to fix and move this city forward in a positive direction. Wake up people PLEASE!

  3. The only mistrust in this city was brought on by their own hands of the corrupt democratic city leaders for years including just recently!! Guess you forgot that one MAYOR and left that out HUH??? You can’t trust the democratic leaders pretty sure everyone knows this by now, you MAYOR you should clean your own house up before you throw stones “2015 Baltimore uprising” BTW was caused by YOUR states attorney’s rush to judgement which created the “mistrust” in turn created your “uprising” there I added which you left out…This is just two of the reasons you can’t maintain a fully staffed police department.

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    Guess big brother did not like my comment….it’s gone!

  5. Tickedoff Person says:

    Marty and Stephanie robbed the fire/police pension system. Don’t join unless you enjoy living at the poverty level when you retire

  6. Tickedoff Person says:

    Learned something today..Never mention the names O-M-A-L-L-E-Y or B-L-A-K-E in your comments. It will be taken down by big brother. Must protect our X criminals

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