BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore police released the body-worn camera footage from the Aug, 28 shootout with a suspect on E. Fayette and N. Caroline Streets.

Police later identified the suspect as Tyrone Domingo Banks, 30, of the 2200 block of E. Biddle Street.

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Police said Banks was the suspect they were looking for since Tuesday, Aug. 26 when he allegedly tried to strike one officer with a silver SUV he was driving and then fire at another officer.

Tyrone Domingo Banks

Then on the night of Aug. 28, police caught up with Banks and it led to the shootout.


Police released two videos: body-worn camera video and foxtrot video.

In the police-worn camera video you see the officers chasing Banks in their vehicle before pulling their weapons and shooting at the suspect. You hear several rounds of gunfire and officers yelling locations related to the suspect.

“We knew for a fact that this was the subject who tried to run over one of our officers the night before,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said. “We knew for a fact it was the subject who fired upon an officer in a different part of the city. This subject could have caused harm to either more officers or other citizens throughout the night and throughout the day.”

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The foxtrot video showed Banks pointing a gun outside of his car.

“They ended up at that light, and you saw him get out of the car, and that’s an instance that foxtrot caught him pointing at a car. He gets back into his car and then turns the corner,” Harrison said.

There was another encounter with Banks after he crashed the silver SUV he was driving. He was then swarmed by police.

“We have to be concerned about collateral damage,” Harrison said. “The number of officers who fired, the number of rounds fired becomes a concern for any executive because we have to be accountable for where every one of our rounds ends up.”

WJZ asked Harrison if this could have been a suicide by cop situation.

“We have some information from a relative that suggests that could be the case,” Harrison said. “But the investigation is not complete so we do not know definitively.”

Thirteen officers are on administrative leave following the shooting, but Harrison could not tell reporters how many officers fired their weapons, how many rounds were shot, or if the suspect ever fired.

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Police are still working to complete a ballistics report and an internal investigation before they can release any more information.

Rachael Cardin