DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Police are investigating after multiple people were injured in a road rage incident that turned into a stabbing Monday night.

Police responded to multiple calls for a stabbing on North Point Road at Merritt Boulevard around 9 p.m. where they found four men suffering from lacerations.

The investigation found that two cars, a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota pickup truck were involved in a road rage incident that began on Eastern Boulevard and ended with a confrontation on North Point Road between the driver of the truck and the three people in the Corolla.

The driver of the truck pulled out a utility knife and assaulted the three other men while also getting hurt himself during the altercation, police said.

Some of the other details, like what started the violence, remain unclear. Police said they faced a language barrier while trying to figure out what happened.

“There were enough witnesses who saw the suspect pull out the knife and use it against other people that we were at least able to piece together that portion of the incident,” said Baltimore County Police Officer Jen Peach.

All four were taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.

Retired Baltimore City firefighter Mike Hartman said one of the injured men collapsed on his neighbor’s lawn. 

“When they finally got the guy and put him into the ambulance, he didn’t look too good. He was just limp,” Hartman said. “To me, he appeared in bad shape.”

Another neighbor several blocks away on Berkshire Road said one of the victims banged on his front and side doors. He said the victim had been slashed down the side of his body so severely, he could see his ribs. 

He spent the morning pressure washing the blood off of his sidewalk.

WJZ reviewed dispatch recordings from the time of the incident, which was just after 9 p.m. Monday. Authorities said one victim reported being stabbed after the suspect ran into his car.

“When they got out of their vehicles, they had a verbal argument. That escalated very quickly,” Officer Peach said.

During the altercation, police say the suspect was somehow also stabbed. 

Baltimore County Police said their violent crimes unit is continuing the investigation into this incident. The suspect’s name will be released following formal charges.

Officers were also on the scene just a few blocks away in the 7600 block of Belmont Road. Police have not yet said if the two scenes are related.

There have been several road rage incidents in Baltimore County this year. In February, police say a Jeep sideswiped a victim’s car on the beltway at Southwestern Boulevard. 

In March, police say an off-duty Maryland State Trooper pointed a gun at a driver on the beltway at Liberty Road after believing he had been cut off.

In July, police say a man impersonated an officer and pulled a gun on a woman at Walmart in Catonsville after she honked at him.


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