BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Ravens running back Alex Collins was found with large amounts of marijuana and a handgun on the floor of his crashed car last March, and police video obtained by WJZ through TMZ Sports shows Baltimore County police officers making the find and arresting Collins and another man for it.

Collins swerved off-road at around 4:30 a.m. near the Baltimore Ravens practice facility in Owings Mills when he was a player on the team last March.

The video shows Baltimore County police officer pulling up to the scene shortly afterward, and opening Collins’ passenger door.

Collins explained that he had crashed earlier in the morning and was waiting for a tow, and after the cop gave him a ticket for expired tags, he asks Collins how much marijuana he has in the car.

Collins doesn’t respond at first.

The cop said he could smell it in the car, and Collins said it wasn’t his.

“That’s not the question I asked,” the cop said, “How much you got in there?”

Collins claimed he didn’t know and said it belonged to his friend, Tykheem “TJ” Dunaway, who was in the car earlier but had walked home instead of waiting for the tow with Collins. Dunaway eventually came back to the scene.

The officer searched the vehicle and found the handgun on the floor of the passenger seat as well as around five ounces of marijuana.

Credit: TMZ Sports

Credit: TMZ Sports

Both Collins and Dunaway were arrested for possession of marijuana, and Collins was also booked for having a handgun in his vehicle.

Dunaway claimed the marijuana definitely wasn’t his and said he had asked Collins if he wanted him to take it for him after they had crashed, but Collins had said no.

Collins fought the charges for months but eventually agreed to a plea deal in October to two misdemeanor charges of possession of a handgun and possession of marijuana.

He received probation and a fine and his felony charges were dropped. He was cut from the Ravens immediately after the arrest and is still looking for a team this season.

The NFL handed him a three-game suspension due to his arrest.

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