CHURCHTON, MD. (WJZ) — Police released video surveillance Monday to help find a man who allegedly poked a woman with a possible syringe coming into a business just outside of a parking lot in Churchton on February 18.

The man is seen walking near the woman, bumping into her and an exchange is seen between the two. The video shows him possibly holding something in his hand when he bumps into her and her reacting as if she’s been hit or stuck.

She was medically treated and police haven’t ruled out a syringe stick at this time.

Police also have a picture of the suspect, who appears to be around 50-years-old, they said.


Southern District Detectives are investigating and are asking anyone with any information to call 410-222-1960 or the TipLine 410-222-4700.

  1. Ed Smith says:

    Hang this monster.

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