BEAR, Del. (WJZ) — More than two weeks after a 29-year-old man fatally shot an elderly Maryland couple at a Delaware veterans cemetery, police have still not determined what led him to open fire.

Paul C. Marino, 86, and Lidia Marino, 85, both of Elkton, died after being shot while visiting the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery on May 8.

Around two hours after the initial call, police and the alleged gunman, 29-year-old Sheldon Francis, of Middletown, Delaware, exchanged gunfire in a nearby wooded area.


A trooper shot Francis, who died at the scene. The troopers involved were not hurt and have been placed on standard administrative leave.

Delaware State Police said their BearCat armored vehicle took on heavy gunfire during the incident.

A 2009 mugshot of Sheldon Francis, the man police said opened fire at a Delaware veterans cemetery, killing a Maryland couple. Mugshot credit: Delaware State Police. Scene photo credit: CBS Philly

Police have not found any evidence of a connection between Francis and the Marinos.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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  1. Bill Smiths says:

    They were white and easy targets for this dysfunctional…….but the media won’t report that……Glad he’s gone.

  2. Dan Olson says:

    I think we all know why this elderly couple were killed. This was a hate crime, but in America 2020 we know it will never be presented that way.

  3. Nicholas Stix says:

    “The shooting remains under investigation.”

    The racially-motivated hate crime shooting isn’t being investigated at all. It is being covered up. They won’t even tell us Francis’ priors, let alone his racist associations.

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