MIDDLE RIVER, Md. (WJZ) — A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a Baltimore County restaurant that saw several days of protests following a racist comment the owner made on social media.

According to former state delegate Pat McDonough, Vince Meyer, the owner of Vince’s Crabhouse, will hold a news conference Wednesday morning to discuss the details of the suit, which was filed on his behalf but he supports.

The lawsuit targets Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr. McDonough said the lawsuit claims police didn’t protect the business’ operating rights.

On Monday, the county said it does not comment on pending litigation.

Earlier this month, Meyer’s comment on Facebook went viral, prompting days of protests.


The post from Meyer reads, “there is one place I bet protesters/rioters won’t light on fire or break into or even block the road to…the social services building.”

Meyer later apologized, telling WJZ he would close the restaurant for at least nine days “to show some respect to George Floyd.” He said he is not a racist.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wjz is the synagogue of satan..,

  2. HaHA says:

    Great sue the county and the useless democrat Johnny O but good, you have right also, clean their clocks!

  3. Joe says:

    Say what ever you want freedom of speech works both ways! Vince’s has NOTHING to apologize for!

    1. Magdalene Derozier Henry-Sen says:

      Freedom of speech did work both ways. VInce can say what he likes, and people who are offended by it are able to protest what he says. Freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you would like to say, it does not absolve you of the consequences of your speech.

      1. King Julian says:

        its private property, it belongs to the shopping center. the county does not do maintenance or repairs on the roads or sidewalk. if it would belong to the county they are responsible. if the executive did tell the police to stand down, he’s a bigger ass than the past 2 executives and deserves whatever he gets, he is nothing more than a socialist/globalist that cares more about other juristictions ( the city) than he does baltimore county. 2 years to go then vote him out

  4. Joe G says:

    Sad that Vince has to apologize and then “show respect” for a career criminal just to keep his business…. freedom of speech apparently only works one way…

  5. Bill Smiths says:

    First, those people outside of Vince’s are not protesters, they are agitators, big difference. I don’t blame him for suing the do nothing Johnny O, because those people were on private property and should have been removed by the cops. This is why Trump will be reelected 🙂

    1. Magdalene Derozier Henry-Sen says:

      They were on the sidewalk and street which are paid with tax dollars. That is public property. It is only private property if they were inside of the restaurant.

      1. Joe G says:

        First, why does everyone assume, by his “social services” comment , that he was speaking of black people? ( He didn’t say “black “).. I guess the real racists/race baiters are the ones who think that and run with it to accuse people of being racists to divide us.. Second, if you watch the news video coverage of the peaceful protestors, you will see that they are CLEARLY on private property and blocking traffic to the business. The public street and sidewalk space ends at the road and grass in front of the lot. The law suit should move forward and hopefully Johnny O will realize he has to protect and serve ALL people in his community , not just the ones who sheepishly vote for him over and over.

  6. Mark says:

    Black lives matter is a domestic terrorist group..,

  7. Terry says:

    People have a Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and freedom for them or their signs to say what they want to. He posted the comments, they were racist & he got lawful flack for it, actions have consequences, case over. The demonstration was peaceful & they had every right to be there. It was not a “riot”, no arrests were made as nobody broke the law. “Agitators”?????? LOL- not illegal, free speech. I realize racists think what he said was right, but you also need to respect that those who disagree with it have the same Constitutional right to free speech & to assemble. He does not have to apologize, very true,, and people do not have to eat there and can urge others not to.

    If you are going to post something stupid on social media, you have to pay the price for it sometimes. He will lose a LOT of business because of what he posted, so he should just deal with it. As my dad always said: You are responsible for your wake.

  8. dearie says:

    sue for what not arresting people exercising their right to free sp[eech on a sidewalk over something stupid he posted on social media?????? He said it he has to take the flack for it , the county did not do it and they can not arrest people who are not doing anything illegal. He will lose a lot of business because of what he himself did. Now he’s sorry so he suing somebody? INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. White Mann says:

    Poo faces have to protest and make everything racial. If you do not like our country- leave- you never contributed anything useful to society anyway other than giving police a target to shoot.

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