BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police are asking for the public’s help in their investigation of a triple shooting earlier this month in Fells Point.

Police said that these people are considered “persons of interest” in the triple shooting early on June 6. The photos were released on Wednesday.

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“People have sent us videos and still images of people they believe was involved,” said Det. Nicole Monroe.

Persons Of Interest in June 6 Fells Point Shooting. (Credit: BPD)

“The disregard for human life is tragic and unacceptable,” said Councilman Zeke Cohen.

Councilman Zeke Cohen represents Southeast Baltimore where there were shots again last weekend. More than a dozen shots were fired on Aliceanna Street in Fells Point that sent people running for cover.

“It is simply unacceptable to shoot into a crowded space in fells point or anywhere in Baltimore and think that you can get away with it,” said Cohen.

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The shootings spurred a series of community meetings and ultimatums from business owners. Many said they would withhold their taxes if their concerns were not addressed.

Mayor Brandon Scott said that violence goes beyond police on Thursday. “That’s also a conversation we have to have with our folks that work in our judicial system. there have to be swift and certain consequences,” said Mayor Scott.

City officials said the deployment of a district action team to Fells Point did not take away from other parts of the city.

“That’s not a resource that’s being removed from any different neighborhood. That’s something we leverage to move from place to place,” said Sunny Schnitzer, Deputy Mayor, Public Safety.

“It is critically important that we collaborate and work together in order to hold the people that committed this heinous crime accountable,” said Cohen.

City police said the 3 people that were shot 11 days ago in fells point are being treated as two separate incidents. Investigators continue to urge the public to call the or Metro Crime Stoppers if they recognize any of the individuals pictured.

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The City Council is currently meeting to address the Fells Point response and the impact on other areas of the city with higher crime rates.

Paul Gessler