ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — The victims of sexual assaults at Damascus High School in Montgomery County are now taking legal action.

Attorneys representing the victims are suing the Montgomery County Board of Education as well as the former principal, athletic director and junior varsity and varsity football coaches at Damascus High School.

At a news conference Thursday, the victims’ attorneys said school officials were aware of a long-standing ritual of sexual assault of freshmen football players known as “brooming,” in which a broom is used to assault the students.

“This is one of the most extraordinary incidents to ever happen in a public school not only in this state but nationally,” attorney Billy Murphy, Jr. said. “What happened was exceptionally dangerous, it was exceptionally traumatic and it will affect the lives of these students for the rest of their lives.”


Multiple players were charged with first-degree rape. Their cases were tried in juvenile court, so their pleas and sentences are not known.

Last May, the school’s athletic director was let go from his position and the principal resigned.

The school said the entire football program is being watched closely this year.


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