BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore police are sweeping the downtown area Monday after they found bricks and bottles with potential accelerants in them, officials confirmed to WJZ.

In a tweet, police said, “The BPD is committed to protecting rights and facilitating peaceful protests to ensure the safety of everyone. Small stashes of potential weapons have been located. If you ‘See Something, Say Something.’ Call 911 if you see anything that could be used to incite violence.”

Police did not say that their findings were directly linked with the protests scheduled for Monday evening.

It’s the fourth day of protesting in Baltimore to end police brutality after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. One group of demonstrators already held a protest Monday morning. Several others are scheduled for this evening.

Protesters over the weekend remained relatively peaceful. There were some violent incidents reported Saturday, when the windows of police cars and somes buildings were broken, but in comparison to other major U.S. cities, Baltimore’s protests didn’t get as violent.

Police reported arresting 14 people, including two minors, following reports of damage to businesses and burglaries Saturday night.


Gov. Larry Hogan and Mayor Jack Young said Baltimore should be seen as an example.

“In Baltimore yesterday, we were a national example of what it looks like to engage in passionate protesting without widespread breaking of the law,” Young said.

In a tweet Monday, Hogan thanked protesters for remaining peaceful Sunday night.

“Thank you to the Baltimore community and police for working together to keep protests peaceful last night. We must continue working together to make sure that fringe groups trying to incite violence and destruction across our country have no place in Baltimore,” Hogan tweeted.

For full coverage of the George Floyd unrest in Minneapolis, go to CBS Minnesota.



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